It’s troubling that people believe conspiracy theories

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Just who exactly is Allan Luft (“Guns Will Help Us Defend Freedom Against Tyranny,” May 30) going to use his weapons on if a so-called tyrannical government arises? Will he take a stand against politicians in suits carrying smart phones? Will he take on federal law enforcement, many of whom are former military? Perhaps the Army Reserves and other military who would no doubt be called to act if a “revolution” were to occur? Could Mr. Lutz and his “patriot” brothers (many of whom he says are veterans) fight and even kill current and former military working for a tyrannical government? I’m confused but not naive to this kind of thinking.

I find it both disturbing and worrisome, especially how otherwise intelligent people can believe every conspiracy theory out there — especially that the government is coming to get their guns. I myself have thought the government at times to be too intrusive; there are many laws I haven’ t agreed with, and no one likes to pay taxes. Never once have I ever thought my freedom or liberty was threatened by the government.

Look around the world — people are imprisoned or worse for being Christian, gay, women, and let’s not forget merely speaking up against their government. The trouble with this country is that many people think what they want is right for everyone. What’s deeply troubling is the trend of “radicalism” associated with this mentality.

Baldwin Borough

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