CIA horrors

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The actions by the CIA directed at the Senate Intelligence Committee and its staff are solely to suppress the truth. The horrors committed by the CIA should not be taken lightly. As a society we are turning a blind eye to violations and moral decisions that should not be allowed. Remember how the Catholic Church tried to hide the atrocities of child abuse that permitted the victimization of thousands of children? Well, we are no different if we do not demand public access to this information.

Consider the injustices the American people have learned about only by a free, vibrant press since our “war on terror” has begun: the cooked information that led us into the Iraq War, Abu Ghraib prison, rendition where citizens were taken to black sites and tortured, and presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama with their rubber stamp of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts that we are aware of only because of Edward Snowden.

We are told that our national security was compromised by the leaks just as we were told that the Pentagon Papers would do the same. We were told that the leaks by Chelsea Manning would compromise national security, but the government failed to produce any evidence at Manning’s trial.

The intelligence committee is at least protected from persecution by the CIA, unlike whistle-blower Tom Drake, who exposed the National Security Agency.


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