Economic hysteria

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Regarding Jack Kelly’s column “The End Is Nigh: Obamacare May Collapse the Economy” (Feb. 23): Poor Mr. Kelly. His 1950s macro-economics view has been disregarded by today’s leading economists. Even Republican Vice President Dick Cheney stated, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” Here’s the deal, Mr. Kelly: Why do countries like China buy up the U.S. debt? Because, like the Rock of Gibraltar, they know it can be depended on.

And guess what? For as much as you hate Obamacare, Mr. Kelly, it’s going to bring the deficit down. Why? Because having 40 million uninsured people wasn’t a boost to the economy — it was a terrible drain.

An uninsured man doesn’t go to his doctor. He waits, and waits, and waits, until the pain and discomfort he’s in is so bad he goes to the emergency room. Tens of thousands of dollars later, he’s released from the hospital with a whopping bill he can’t pay and medicine he can’t afford. So he waits and waits and waits until the pain and discomfort is so bad, he goes to the emergency room again. Again, thousands of dollars in testing proves that he needs regular care and medicine he can afford. Without insurance neither is possible. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

When you ride on an elevator and someone sneezes, do you cringe? Of course you do. And if you didn’t have insurance, you might feel sick, then and there. To say that Obamacare is the push that will plunge the economy, well, really Mr. Kelly, get a grip.

And it seems apparent that Republicans have three uses for government: 1) printing money, 2) national defense and 3) controlling women through regulating their reproductive choices (even if that overrides a physician’s instruction).


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