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There is a difference between religious liberty and religious oppression. Religious freedom becomes religious oppression when it encroaches on the rights of others..

The Dec. 28 letter by Jonathan Dohanich (“Marriage Is a Privilege, Not a Right”) states that marriage is regulated by the state primarily to encourage fruitful production and rearing of children. What Mr. Dohanich may not realize is that this was the only argument used in the original Proposition 8 trial in California. The argument failed overwhelmingly.

What Mr. Dohanich also conveniently omits is the fact that same-sex couples are already legally raising children in two-parent households. Should these children be exempt from government laws encouraging a stable household?

If straight, childless couples have the financial benefits of marriage, why should gay couples be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for documents that provide a “separate but equal” benefit? We tried that “separate but equal” concept once before. It was ruled unconstitutional.

Mr. Dohanich has a right to his beliefs. He has a right to use his religion to back up those beliefs (although I personally think that is a cop-out and an affront to many who share his religion). But no one should be forcing his moral beliefs onto secular society. We all have a right to live as we wish, as long as we are not hurting someone else, and if straight couples benefit financially from marriage, so should gay couples.

New Castle

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