Obama disasters

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The irony of columnist Paul Krugman’s praise for President Barack Obama’s newfound vision regarding economic inequality (“Obama Gets Real,” Dec. 7) is that these damaging issues are the exact goal of the Obama administration. The president has said from the beginning that he wants America to change and is leading us further and further each month away from our basic ideals of hard work and individual liberty.

Just look at his Affordable Care Act. He has taken control of health care, which has resulted in millions of middle class and the poor losing their health coverage or paying much higher rates. It has resulted in fewer working hours for these same groups. Efforts for higher minimum wage, increased Environmental Protection Agency regulations, hundreds of new regulations on small businesses and his war against coal are just a few of his efforts to increase government control and reduce individual freedoms.

Mr. Krugman also makes the statement that politicians have been obsessed with the fake problem — “worrying about debt and deficits that never posed a threat to the nation’s future — while showing no interest in unemployment and stagnating wages.” A fake problem, really? Mr. Obama has raised the deficit by more than $6 trillion with no end in sight. Who will repay this debt or even lower it substantially if the debtors come calling? Will this have an effect on future tax increases and limits to the middle class and the poor trying to improve their economic position? Will these increased taxes create or reduce jobs?

Mr. Krugman is engaging in the common practice of progressives to change the subject. Mr. Obama’s programs are a disaster. He has no intention of changing his approach to governing. The president does not see or believe in the greatness of this country, and the public should not be distracted from the real issues by misleading columns like this one.

Upper St. Clair


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