People can improve their own futures

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Regarding the minimum-wage protests: I am amazed that these folks feel they are entitled to raises. I can understand that it is difficult to live just on a single minimum-wage job; however, there are alternatives.

During and after high school I worked minimum-wage jobs and, believe me, the minimum wage was really minimum. I quickly realized that if I wanted to live a decent life I had to make more money, and the only way I could make more money was to become trained.

I accepted minimally paying full-time jobs so I could get benefits, and I went to Community College of Allegheny County in the evenings and weekends. I paid for my college out of my own pocket. A two-year associate degree took me eight years, part-time, one class a week some semesters because that was all I could afford. But I got my degree and a better job, which gave me more money and educational benefits, so I got my bachelor’s degree (I paid for some of those classes out of my pocket also). Again, I was able to accept better-paying jobs and now have a good job which pays well and allows me many opportunities.

I could have stayed at the fast-food/​commercial businesses where I worked for minimum wage and complained that I couldn’t survive on that wage, but I looked for opportunities to improve myself instead of whining and demanding that everyone do something for me.

Many more opportunities to improve one’s lot in life exist today than ever in the past. Why not look for those opportunities while working a minimum-wage job and improve your own future?


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