Employees deserve no less in health care than their bosses

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Small-business owners get and deserve a lot of praise for being the backbone of our economy. But what about the workers who support these small businesses with the sweat of their labor?

It’s wonderful that Bob McCafferty (“Bitter Medicine: Obamacare’s Goals Are Laudable, But It Will Hurt Small Businesses,” Dec. 1 Forum) has planned, saved and sweated to make his business profitable. I am glad to hear he has more than 50 employees. That’s a pretty nice number for a little business.

I would like to ask some questions. Does he have a primary care doctor? Is his family covered by insurance? If he fell and broke his arm, would his insurance cover most of the hospital bill? Would hospital bills cause him to go bankrupt?

Do the 50 people who work for him, help sustain the viability of his business and depend on him solely for their livelihood deserve any less?

What I have seen in the work world is that businesses employ five or six part-time employees who do the job of, say, two or three full-time employees. This is certainly nothing new. This practice is done so that employers do not have to offer benefits to the part-timers. In the meantime, the part-timers are scrambling to try to keep food on their tables and a roof over their heads.

When eating out, my husband and I try to tip generously because we see the waitresses running from table to table trying their best to satisfy everyone. The work is physically and emotionally draining, and with no paid retirement, there is no end in sight. Look at the 70-plus-year-old women out there who are running, trying to compete with 20-somethings.

Sorry, I can’t work up the tears to cry for many of these businesses.


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