The city shouldn't hold back Strip progress

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I'm sorry but I just can't believe that people in Pittsburgh still have this attitude. They want to save the produce terminal as a historic landmark ("Pittsburgh Planning Commission Recommends Historic Designation for Strip District Produce Terminal," Oct. 15). Really? Instead of knocking down some of it to build a new development, in an area that desperately needs new development, on top of parking and vacant lots. Are you serious?

Pittsburghers, myself one of them, seem to be against any change that is obviously for the better. Now the Strip might have to suffer because of people who don't want to see a new development but would rather see an old produce terminal, built for different times and vacant asphalt lots.

What does that do for our city or our neighborhoods? Does it improve it? Does it attract new people or businesses to that area of town? No. It keeps that area of town stuck in an era when Pittsburgh was far less attractive to new residents and businesses. Times are changing. It's time to change with them.

The proposed plans for that area of the Strip I thought were great. They would preserve the history while still creating new development. New development is a good thing. If anyone disagrees, just look at East Liberty. A new, younger crowd has moved in there along with great companies such as Google. So how about we let someone create a new development in the Strip, so that it can grow and rejuvenate along with the rest of this great city's neighborhoods?

New York, N.Y.

The writer was born and raised in Pittsburgh.


First Published October 20, 2013 8:00 PM


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