Issue One: The gun debate

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Today's weapons

As a former hunter, I feel compelled to touch on the subject of the sale of assault weapons to the public. There is no way that an automatic weapon belongs in the woods. A true sportsman would never dream of taking such a gun hunting. I witnessed too many stupid acts by so-called hunters that it made me retire from the sport. And, yes, I have been shot at.

If our Founding Fathers had foreseen the killing power of today's weapons, they would have selected different wording for the Second Amendment.

I'd like to take this opportunity to applaud Dick's Sporting Goods for removing these types of firearms from its shelves. I would also like to thank Sen. Bob Casey for taking a stand on this subject. May God grant our politicians the foresight and ability to develop a workable solution to this national problem.

North Side

Calling the shots

Just who is in charge of running the country? The people in Washington or the National Rifle Association?

Troy Hill

Guns vs. drugs

After it's all said and done, aren't drugs illegal to have, use and possess ... just like all you stupid people want the guns to be? Well, can one of you please explain why there are so many drugs being used in every state in the United States every day and killing 253,000 people a year worldwide?

And, yes, they are somebody's children also. And, yes, they're in our schools! Can you believe that? But they're illegal.

So, yes, it's pretty simple: Ban the guns and problem solved -- ha, ha, ha. Wake up, people, because a gun ban is not the answer.


Arms everywhere

The National Rifle Association has proposed posting armed security in every school in America as a deterrent to the most recent mass shootings. But what about shopping malls? Or movie theaters? Or college campuses? Or military bases? Or urban neighborhoods?

Maybe we can solve this problem and our national employment problem by arming "trained security personnel" and just putting them everywhere. That way the NRA can keep every type of weapon that pleases it and politicians can continue to avoid the issue.




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