Democrats herding the 'sheeple'

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For Democrats, the American people — including those who vote for Democrats — are sheep to be sheared, cows to be milked, suckers to be swindled.

Exhibit A is Obamacare. What Democrats really think of a core constituency is illustrated by ads in Colorado which put the term “hosurance” into the national lexicon.

One features a photo of a young woman casting a flirtatious glance at a young man she’s leaning against. She’s holding a package of birth control pills.

“OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control,” the ad copy reads. “My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance. Now you can too. Thanks ObamaCare!”

I don’t know how many young women will be enticed to sign up for Obamacare policies costing $200 or more a month to get birth control pills they could buy at any drug store for $15 a month, tops.

But I bet it’s fewer than the ad’s creators think. It was one thing to get young “invincibles” to vote for Barack Obama — because they thought he was cool, promised to give them free stuff — another to get them to fork over a big chunk of their earnings from McDonalds to overpay for a product they don’t need.

“It’s a feature and not a bug of the President’s signature health care law that insurance premiums for those under 30 are likely to increase significantly to allow premiums for older Americans to fall,” wrote Nick Gillespie in Time magazine. “The whole plan hinges on getting 2.7 million whippersnappers out of a total of 7 million enrollees to sign up in the individual market during the first year.”

A jury in Chicago found Kevin Trudeau guilty of “criminal contempt” Nov. 12 for making misleading claims in television infomercials for his weight loss book. The prosecutors cited as false Mr. Trudeau’s claims: his weight loss plan was not a diet; that a hormone required for daily injections could be obtained “anywhere,” when in fact it is available only through a doctor’s prescription; that after completing the diet, consumers could eat anything they want without regaining weight.

These surely are deceptions, but seem mild compared to “if you like your health plan, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep him or her; Obamacare will reduce insurance premiums for the average family by $2,500 a year.”

Mr. Trudeau is in jail awaiting sentencing. He could spend years in prison.

He also may be fined $37.6 million by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive marketing. The Obama administration is spending at least $684 million of our tax money on the deceptive marketing of Obamacare.

If were a private entity, it would have been “taken to the shed and horsewhipped” by government regulators, said former FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle.

Millions of Americans have been hurt by Obamacare. Millions more soon will be. For thousands — such as cancer survivors Edie Sundby and Gloria Cantor, who fear the loss of their health policies and their doctors amounts to a sentence of death — harm has been grievous.

The House — with 39 Democrats joining all but 4 Republicans — passed a bill Friday sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich, to permit insurance companies to offer the policies President Obama promised Americans they could keep.

It’s too late to help much the Americans whose policies already have been cancelled, but if it were to become law, the Upton bill could head off a second wave of cancellations.

He won’t bring the Upton bill to a vote, said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

But if there’s more bad news about Obamacare, he may be forced by panicky Democrats to permit a vote on a Democrat imitation.

He’ll veto a bill which requires him to keep his promise, the president threatens. But if most of the Democrat senators who must run in 2014 vote for it, he may be forced to change his mind.

It’s a mistake for Republicans to do anything to “improve” Obamacare, because it could diminish support for repeal, some conservatives think.

Only full repeal can undo the harm caused by Obamacare. But that can’t happen until after the midterm elections. In the meantime, Republicans should do what they can to alleviate suffering Democrats caused.

The job of public servants is to serve the public. Democrats have forgotten this. Republicans haven’t.

Jack Kelly is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He can be reached at

First Published November 25, 2013 4:37 PM

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