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Robbing UPMC?

The Pittsburgh Comet on the city’s lawsuit against UPMC: “I wish we were not accepting UPMC’s rhetoric about how challenging their tax-exempt status is like ‘holding a gun to their heads.’ We all pay taxes. Dunkin’ Donuts pays taxes. Dollar Bank pays taxes. Going to court to ensure that a profitable enterprise pays the taxes that they owe is nothing like robbing someone at gunpoint, it is like instructing them to ‘make their bed’ or ‘put some pants on already.’

“Be that as it may, it took Pittsburgh one full year, and Lord knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, only to see the case get tossed out at the first technicality. We might appeal the decision, but legal appeals are not quite like picking up dice and throwing them a second time. The judge had a sound enough rationale; it would almost certainly be further waste.”

Palin speaks out!

The Borowitz Report: “Sarah Palin’s online video service starring herself had a hugely successful launch on Monday, as millions of Americans paid $9.95 for the rare opportunity of hearing the former Alaska governor speak. The website for The Sarah Palin Channel reportedly crashed several times during the day, as it was overwhelmed by subscribers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the reclusive Palin sharing her opinions. …

“Media experts said Monday that the stunning launch of Palin’s website bodes well for the upcoming video channel from another rarely seen personality, Donald Trump.”

Obama vs. business

Larry Kudlow at National Review accuses President Barack Obama of “mocking” corporate America and “hauling out an election-year populist whine about ‘economic patriotism’ ” because companies (including Mylan Inc., headquartered in Cecil) are reincorporating in foreign countries to avoid U.S. taxes.

Mr. Kudlow: “Just for once, wouldn’t it be great if President Obama actually defended American business, instead of attacking it? Just once? Wouldn’t it be great if Obama acknowledged that U.S. firms are overburdened by the highest corporate tax rate among developed countries, and as a result are becoming less and less competitive? Wouldn’t it be great if he said he wants to fix this tax imbalance in order to grow the economy faster and give U.S. businesses a leg up on the global scene?”

New lows in Congress

Via Atlantic Wire — Bloomberg View on how congressional Republicans have hit a new low with their failure to pass their own immigration bill: “House Republicans produced a bill that spent too much on border theatrics and too little ensuring legitimate refugee cases could be properly heard and administered. It started out at $1.5 billion, which was whittled to $659 million as they negotiated with themselves. They went downhill from there, attempting to placate the same implacable people they always attempt, fruitlessly, to placate.”

The editors stress the importance of dealing with the crisis on the border and write: “House leaders have delayed a planned recess, in the apparent hope that they can still achieve the goal of appearing to do something. When members return, Election Day will be that much closer. It's not easy to imagine that this Congress could reach new lows. But it may.”

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