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And Christie makes 16

Why are so many people running for president this time?

about 21 hours ago

 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie praised hard work when he announced his presidential campaign, but will Republicans support policies that make hard work pay off?

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Do we really value work?

If so, we should make sure that it is justly rewarded

about 21 hours ago

Gail Collins: Here's your Fourth of July all-American quiz!

Who the heck are all those people running for president anyway?

about 21 hours ago

 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz

George F. Will: Unhinged by the Supreme Court

Ted Cruz’s cure for the judiciary is worse than the disease

1 day ago

The Next Page: Illustrations of life on the Appalachian Trail

As part of a package on the AT, we present these sketches of people and scenes encountered on a recent visit reprising our 1995 adventure.

2 days ago

 thumbprint female

Elizabeth Echevarria: Stop human trafficking in Western Pennsylvania

We must recognize that women are suffering all around us by supporting HB 262.

2 days ago

Dan Simpson: Americans have allowed guns to spread and unions to fail

Americans are acting against their own best interests by allowing unions to be smothered and by not controlling guns.

2 days ago

As Others See It: The SpaceX blowup is a useful failure

Recent failures of missions to resupply the International Space Station should be recognized as the cost of making progress in space flight.

2 days ago

 Clementa Pinckney, martyred pastor of Mother Emanuel.

Clementa / Clemente

The martyred pastor and the beloved Pirates star shared a name and a history.

3 days ago

It's time to legalize polygamy

Yes, it's true; group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.

3 days ago

 Robert E. Lee

The Confederates were Americans, too

They thought they were the ones upholding American values.

4 days ago

Paul Krugman: Celebrate Obamacare

Ignore the naysayers; it’s working and it’s here to stay.

4 days ago

Gay marriage decision is one for the ages

Justice Kennedy's ruling will stand with Brown v. Board of Education

4 days ago

My fallen star

Patrick Risha was a Mon Valley football phenomenon, for which he paid a terrible price.

5 days ago

 Leonardo da Vinci

If da Vinci designed our schools

He wouldn’t separate vocational students from the college-bound

5 days ago

Guns, race and that flag

They’ve always been bound together in America.

5 days ago

 "My grandmother, Stella, first appears in the Post-Gazette archives at age 13, in August 1922. There she is, knee deep in a swimming pool at Emma Farm camp, with her long hair tied up in a rag."

Almost kidnapped

PG archives bring old family adventures back to life.

5 days ago

Assault weapons are fun

Gun-rights advocates push weighty constitutional arguments, but the lure of firearms can be pretty basic.

5 days ago

Rachel Maddow: Two words: Supreme Court

The next president could remake our most disruptive branch of government for a generation

5 days ago

 A woman crouches in the rubble of her home in Gorkha.

The Next Page: For 3 Pittsburgh friends, a trek in Nepal became more than a “gap year” adventure

They encourage people who want to help to invest in smaller, Nepali-led grass-roots movements and know exactly where your money is going.

5 days ago

Jonathan Capehart: Marriage for all

Justice Kennedy recognizes a sea change in American life

6 days ago

First Person: In Pittsburgh, of Pittsburgh

We feel a part of the place now, which comes as a surprise

6 days ago

Saturday Diary: I need more data about me

Such as, what am I really passionate about?

6 days ago

Saturday Poem: To the Refuse Collector Singing Gospel

Flanked by the roar of your truck / the scrape and clank of mechanisms / your morning lament cries out . . .

6 days ago

 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of the umpteen governors running for president.

Gail Collins: The governors are piling up

They’re running for president while competing with each for business.

1 week ago

 Chief Justice John Roberts

George F. Will: Roberts over-reaches

The justices save Obamacare, damage the Constitution.

1 week ago

Roberts’ Obamacare decision limits executive power

The Supreme Court rules that judges, not regulators, must interpret major laws like the Affordable Care Act.

1 week ago

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Item No. 1: We mustn’t politicize the tragedy.

1 week ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: The right to be free from guns

We need an anti-tobacco-like PR strategy to explain the dangers of guns.

1 week ago

Why fight climate change?

The world isn’t about to hit its carbon targets, but small steps add up.

1 week ago

Breaking the cycle of poverty

It can be done, and great teaching is one of the ways.

1 week ago

A hint of chaos to come

If Obamacare subsidies disappear, GOP members of Congress will be in a fix.

1 week ago

Paul Krugman: Slavery’s long shadow

Racial politics still divides North and South.

1 week ago

Who’s really white anymore?

African-American culture reaches every corner of the country.

1 week ago

Ban gifts to legislators

As things stand, they can accept anything from anybody.

1 week ago

 Antonee Martin, left, and her mother, Latrechia Jackson, visit a memorial in front of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., where nine people were killed Wednesday. Among them was Ms. Jackson's aunt,  Susie Jackson.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: The politics of evasion

Charleston shows how we refuse to deal with guns and race.

1 week ago

Charles M. Blow: Jeb Bush and single mothers

Poverty is about being poor, not about being unwed

1 week ago

It was a good day to fold up the Confederate flag

The Supreme Court let Texas ban the stars and bars from its license plates.

1 week ago

Fight facism — buy Dad a gift

Father’s Day is rooted in the traditional concept of Dad as provider.

1 week ago

Raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania

Don't listen to the doomsayers; it would do a lot more good than harm.

1 week ago

A student's pursuit of happiness: Why I traded exclusive private education for a city high school

After attending elementary and middle school at a private school, I switched to the city’s Obama Academy. Best move I’ve ever made.

1 week ago

Turning animals into weapons

‘Jurassic World’ is ahead of its time, but not by much.

1 week ago

Postpartum depression hits fathers, too

But only a small percentage of depressed dads seek help.

1 week ago

 Jordan Johnson is hugged by a supporter after being acquitted of rape charges in 2013.

The Next Page: The real scandal in Missoula is what kept the full truth from coming out

Caelin Miltko says a firestorm of emotion erupted over a spate of sexual assaults in the Montana college town.

1 week ago

First Person: Real love = respect

This Father’s Day, let’s take action against domestic violence

1 week ago

Saturday Diary: I’m black, but that doesn’t mean you know me

And I don’t need to prove to anyone that I care about black issues.

1 week ago

Paul Krugman: Voodoo economics, Jeb! style

George Sr. knows what to call his son’s economic promises.

1 week ago

Saturday Poem: A Mother’s Hair

My mother was born in a farmhouse. / The women present at her birth / all marveled at how much hair / she had . . .

1 week ago