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The next GOP debate

Moderators should pose yes-or-no questions on the economy.

about 18 hours ago

An immigrant in France

There are no guarantees for anyone, including Americans.

about 18 hours ago

Five leading indicators for the 2016 race

Will Republicans drop out and GOP leaders get behind one person? How are the economy and president doing? Will Hillary backers defect?

about 18 hours ago

George F. Will: Trump wreaks havoc

Every sulfurous belch from the molten interior of the volcanic Trump phenomenon injures the chances of a Republican presidency.

1 day ago

 Will Joe Biden run for president?

Albert R. Hunt: An unexpected option for Dems

Joe Biden can’t beat Hillary Clinton unless something dramatic and unexpected happens -- like choosing Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.

1 day ago

Joe Nocera: Reading the signs of China's financial crisis

One man, Jim Chanos, saw China’s financial crisis coming.

2 days ago

As Others See It: Cruel and unusual punishment for the homeless

Jailing the homeless for sleeping outside might seem harsh, but according to the Justice Department, it’s also cruel and unusual punishment.

2 days ago

 The Shenango coke works at Neville Island: its compliance has now reached nearly 100 percent.

Industrial attraction: How Pittsburgh treats Shenango coke plant can hurt recruiting

A good first step in recruiting more metals manufacturers to the region: reassess our attitude toward the metals manufacturers already here.

3 days ago

Fixing the workplace: New perks aren't enough to change outdated office culture

The Norman Rockwell model of family life continues to be the prerequisite for success in corporate America, it seems.

3 days ago

Saving students: Politicians’ plans won’t fix college debt problem

None of the plans released so far by the presidential candidates would do enough to lessen the need for students to borrow.

3 days ago

George F. Will: Trump's parallel universe on immigration

The GOP, formerly the party of Lincoln, is being defined by clamors for a mass roundup and deportation of millions of human beings.

4 days ago

Fracking near schools

DEP should impose, at minimum, a one-mile setback between the boundary of an oil and gas facility and boundary of a school property.

4 days ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: All votes matter

Many find politics frustrating because problems that seemed to be solved in one generation crop up again years or decades later.

4 days ago

College is what you make of it

The quality of a college education has mostly to do with how hard students work.

5 days ago

Send children outside: Nature is the best training ground for STEM careers

Study that takes children into the field — and woods and streams — provides the core experiences and skills they will need to succeed.

5 days ago

Paying the price for justice

More trials can prevent unjust convictions.

5 days ago

Did Republicans just concede? Opposing birthright citizenship could spell doom for the GOP

This discussion about birthright citizenship sends a clear message to Hispanic voters: naked hostility to them and people like them.

5 days ago

Jennifer Rubin: A very bad deal on Iran

Obama’s deal is worse than no deal, destructive of attempts to prevent WMDs. It is not merely ineffective, but hugely dangerous

5 days ago

Arthur C. Brooks: What vacations say about you

Vacation planning tends to bring happiness.

5 days ago

 Gettysburg Street in Point Breeze today.

The Next Page: Remembering Gettysburg Street

Growing up, Marky Billson says, this street in Point Breeze was the best home he knew

5 days ago

First Person / Ten years on: the breast cancer has retreated and left love in its wake

I don’t remember how long it hurt. I don’t remember turning a corner. I just know I did. That I moved through it. Not because I was brave.

6 days ago

Saturday Diary: 10 years ago, Katrina made for an unusual college start

My friends and I expected to miss a day or two of classes. That’s usually what happened with hurricanes. ...

6 days ago

Paul Krugman: Debt is good

The economy’s problem may be too little red ink.

6 days ago

Saturday Poem: Bright Pittsburgh Morning

This must happen just after I die: At sunrise / I bend over my grandparents’ empty house in Hazelwood ...

6 days ago

Charles Krauthammer: Republicans must get out of the immigration swamp

How are the anger and frustration that Trump is channeling alleviated by yelling “I’m mad as hell” and proceeding to elect Hillary Clinton?

6 days ago

 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks about her renewable energy plan, Monday, July 27, 2015, at the Des Moines Area Rapid Transit Central Station in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Ross Douthat: Still inevitable

Despite the bumps, Hillary Clinton is on track for the Democratic nomination.

1 week ago

Randall Balmer: Humble origins

Early on, Jimmy Carter spoke for those on life’s margins.

1 week ago

Keith Rothfus: A better deal on Iran

Congress must reject the Iran nuclear agreement and push for a plan with teeth.

1 week ago

 Ike deserves better than Frank Gehry's proposed memorial.

George F. Will: A monstrosity to honor Ike

A flamboyant tribute to Eisenhower would be Washington at its worst.

1 week ago

Memories of Elsie: The Mendelssohn Choir sang its way through a few of her milestones

What wonderful memories The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh has recalling our adventures with and for Elsie Hillman.

1 week ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Seeking the center

We are definitely in for another “Second Coming” revival, and Donald Trump is the least of it.

1 week ago

As Others See It: Poisoned rhetoric on Common Core

The ideologues have so disfigured Common Core that supporters of the educational reform now dare not speak its name.

1 week ago

Paul Krugman: Social Security’s foes

Republicans, fueled by rich donors, want to squeeze the program.

1 week ago

 the Andean Condor

Steven C. Latta: Save the Andean condor

Why Pittsburghers should care about a big bird in Ecuador?

1 week ago

Peter Funt: Kale with fudge

It’s easy to eat healthy if popcorn, nuts and chips count.

1 week ago

 "Batman" speaks with production crew before filming a fight scene for "The Dark Knight Rises" in Oakland.

Location, location: Pittsburgh can thrive in the entertainment industry with a viable, robust vision

As controversial as they are, film incentives must be stable to ensure Pennsylvania -- and Pittsburgh in particular -- remains competitive.

1 week ago

George F. Will: Government is so large that special interests get their way

You probably never knew of the federal funding of museums commemorating America’s long-gone whaling industry.

1 week ago

As Others See It: Hillary Clinton’s actions must match her talk about campaign contributions

Ms. Clinton might take a closer look at a transaction that has benefited the main super PAC supporting her campaign, Priorities USA Action.

1 week ago

Why this neurosurgeon left Pittsburgh: a health-care organization wanted me to work on commission

My contract stipulated a modest base salary with balance of compensation predicated on “Relative Value Units.” More procedures, more moolah.

1 week ago

For addicts, 12 steps are not always enough

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and told that the only option was radiation.

1 week ago

Federal policies still favor coal

There is no reason coal should get a special deal on America’s public lands.

1 week ago

The Sierra Club fronts for ‘green’ billionaires

Coal provides the largest share of domestic production of all energy sources, so shuttering a large number of plants could prove disruptive

1 week ago

 “The Spirit of American Youth” sculpture by Daniel Chester French faces the Westinghouse Memorial in Schenley Park.

The Next Page: The Westinghouse Memorial, a monument to innovation

Susan Rademacher outlines plans to refurburish the memorial in Schenley Park — and explains why the project is important for Pittsburgh.

1 week ago

 Policemen try to prevent migrants from reaching the Channel Tunnel operated by Eurotunnel in Coquelles near Calais, northern France, on July 29.

Ross Douthat: European countries are woefully unprepared for the big African migration

In some form, a Eurafrican future is on its way.

1 week ago

 Where it was at: Century III Mall in October 1979

First Person: Memories of Century III Mall

While the city is changing for the better in leaps and bounds, the mall of my childhood has fallen on hard times.

1 week ago

 Bob Prince: the voice that was

Saturday Diary: The Gunner delivered a bloop and a blast

At age 58, two loves have remained constant throughout my life: baseball and language. Pirates announcer Bob Prince enhanced both.

1 week ago

Paul Krugman: China’s capitalists

The Chinese government supported the economy in part through infrastructure spending, which is the standard remedy for economic weakness.

1 week ago

Saturday Poem: just barely

just barely, enough. / I can’t forgive him, / my god, / enough. ...

1 week ago

Charles Krauthammer: The Presidential Racing Form, third edition

Both presidential nomination contests having been scrambled by recent events, so here’s my new analysis of the odds in the races.

1 week ago

 Man throwing american football

Joe Nocera: Bogus settlement

Scientists believe that repeated hits to the head can cause CTE.

2 weeks ago