Lowering taxes on corporations creates jobs and helps the poor

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In her March 16 letter “Welfare Wackiness,” Sister Patricia McCann falls into the same trap as other good-hearted Americans when she asks, “Why are we so tough on welfare programs that benefit individuals in need, yet so tolerant of or blind to corporate welfare programs … which impoverish all of us except the few profiteers?”

Here are my beliefs: A strong economy helps the poor over the long haul more than any government program can. Some of the “poor” include people who feel “entitled” to benefits. It is better to teach people to fish, than to give them fish. Overall capitalism and free enterprise are not perfect but have demonstrated they provide a better average standard of living for a country than anything else. A person’s dignity is greatly improved by having a job instead of being on welfare.

Because the U.S. corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world, many U.S. corporations move operations to foreign countries and keep their profits there. It also drives jobs overseas that could have been U.S. jobs!

Lowering taxes on corporations would bring investment, jobs and profits back to the United States. This would generate jobs in the United States and provide much-needed work to those who need it most. This would directly and indirectly help the poor. Reducing tax rates usually increases government revenues, so more money would be available for welfare programs to help the really poor. With more people working, there might be less need for welfare altogether — corporate or otherwise.

Making it more expensive for corporations to do business in our country does not help the poor — it helps to keep them in the cycle of poverty. The best anti-poverty program is a strong economy — an economy that creates jobs. And the best way to have a strong economy is to make it easier, not harder, for entrepreneurs and corporations to do business here. That means lower taxes and fewer regulations. This is the real way to help the poor!

It is higher taxes and more regulations that really benefit the profiteers in government and move to impoverish all the rest of us!


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