If gas exports to Europe rise, so will prices here

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Here we go again, America, getting our noses in other nations’ business so our rich can get richer.

My house sits atop the Marcellus natural gas field. Yet I don’t have gas in my house. I have to heat with fuel oil at a ridiculous cost, the same as millions of others here in Pennsylvania.

The lobbyists will use our involvement in Ukraine as an excuse to export our natural gas to Europe (the rich get richer), and the people of America get poorer. The cost of energy for America to heat its homes and for the industry that is still here would jump. The oil companies’ obscene profits would jump on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We need a law that says any price of exported gas above the domestic price of gas or oil would go to the treasury of the United States. That is the only way America’s people will benefit from our natural resources — the same as we benefit from our Great Lakes and rivers that are America’s natural resources. Thank God oil companies don’t own our water. Saudi Arabia’s deserts would be golf courses, and we would be paying $15 for bottled water.

If the rich could not profiteer from war, we would see wars drop by 90 percent.

The oil companies are lobbying for the Keystone pipeline from Canada’s tar sands to Texas saying how great that would be for America. We need other laws saying that since America is risking another possible environmental catastrophe of our water and land, America should reap the benefits that big oil said we will get.

The oil men shouldn’t mind a law stating that as long as America is importing one barrel of oil, it will be against the law to export any gas or oil or any oil byproducts.

Yeah, yeah, I know! You’ll ask whether I still believe in Santa.


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