Our nation will be at the mercy of our creditors

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What are the terms, conditions and pledges of collateral demanded by those who lend billions and trillions to our profligate president and squandering Congress? Once again we and our offspring are being forced to co-sign a loan that will impoverish the American citizenry for generations to come. You can be sure it is not merely for the paltry interest of a T-bill that foreign plutocrats buy these bonds. Rather it is for the control of the laws, policies and agendas of our government.

I would not doubt as well that the Benedict Arnolds in Washington have a tacit agreement for the turnover of collateral for confiscation when our indebted government finally has to end this charade and admit it must default on the loans — which would explain why foreigners and even our own, privately held Federal Reserve Bank continue to foster the elections of these squandering politicians and their progressive Potemkin Village.

The borrower is not only the servant to the lender; the lender also has a right to seize the assets of the debtor. Then again our representatives know this but — just like with the present national debt — prefer to have you, the public, bear the inevitable consequences of these loans, while they retire in luxury, much like Benedict Arnold did after he betrayed this nation.


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