World briefs: Satellite hits Atlantic Ocean

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BERLIN -- The European Space Agency said one of its satellites re-entered Earth's atmosphere early Monday on an orbit that passed over Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

The 2,425-pound satellite disintegrated in the atmosphere, but about 25 percent of it -- about 600 pounds of "space junk" -- slammed into the Atlantic Ocean between Antarctica and South America, a few hundred miles from the Falkland Islands, ESA said. It caused no known damage.

The satellite -- called the GOCE, for Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer -- was launched in 2009 to map Earth's gravitational field. It had been gradually descending in orbit over the last three weeks after running out of fuel Oct. 21.

Tougher price controls

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is extending price controls and will place limits on profits as he extends attempts to curb the galloping inflation that is eroding support for his rule.

Mr. Maduro made the announcement in a late-night address Sunday in which he vowed to step up inspections of businesses selling shoes, clothing, autos and other goods to make sure they aren't gouging consumers.

Government loyalists and opponents gathered outside appliance stores after Mr. Maduro ordered the military to occupy a chain of electronic stores and slash by more than half prices for washing machines, TVs and other white goods.

Somalia cyclone kills 100

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- A tropical cyclone has killed about 100 people in the coastal areas of Somalia's northern state of Puntland, officials said Monday.

Thousands fled their homes when the storm hit Sunday. The coastal towns of Eyl, Dan Goroyo and Bayle have been most affected.

The cyclone killed thousands of livestock animals and destroyed hundreds of homes, public buildings and fishing boats.

Protests in Thailand

BANGKOK -- With thousands of anti-government protesters in the streets Monday, Thailand's opposition announced a campaign of civil disobedience, including a three-day general strike this week and a call for businesses to delay paying taxes.

The protests against the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra signaled a return to the fractious and volatile politics that destabilized Thailand several years ago. At least four large protests were held across Bangkok on Monday, closing schools and stoking fears of clashes.

Turmoil in Maldives

NEW DELHI -- Political turmoil deepened in the Maldives on Monday as police clashed with protesters after a third attempt to hold a presidential election was thrown off course by a court order.

President Mohammed Waheed Hassan said late Sunday he would not leave office at midnight, when his term was to end under the constitution. He said that since no one had yet been elected to succeed him, he would stay on until Saturday, the Supreme Court's date for a runoff between the two leading candidates.

6 inmates killed in fight

MEXICO CITY -- Six inmates died in a fight at a jail in the northern Mexican city of Reynosa on the U.S. border, authorities in the state of Tamaulipas said Monday.

Three inmates admitted to having been involved in the attack late Sunday on their peers. They apparently used handmade weapons, the local prosecutor's office said.

Prison riots are common in Mexico and usually occur among members of rival organized criminal gangs.


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