Jordan said today that it is willing to swap Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman on death row in Jordan, for Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, leftm who was captured in December by extremists from the Islamic State group. Sajida al-Rishawi was sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack on a hotel that killed 60 people.

Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot held by Islamic State

Efforts to release the Jordanian pilot and the journalist gained urgency with the release of an ultimatum from the Islamic State group.

about 1 hour ago

 Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listens as President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting at the White House in October.

Netanyahu talk stirs backlash in Israeli race

Political analysts say attacking Israel’s prime minister for deteriorating relations with Washington, could be a winning message.

about 9 hours ago

 Yoshihide Suga, Japanese government spokesman chief cabinet secretary, speaks to the media at the prime minister’s office in Tokyo today shortly after the latest online message purportedly from the Islamic State group warmed that Japanese hostage Kenji Goto and a Jordanian pilot the extremists hold have less than “24 hours left to live.”

Secret talks in Jordan try to win release of hostages

The global efforts gained greater urgency with the release of an apparent ultimatum from the Islamic State group.

about 9 hours ago

In reprieve to Obama, Senate Democrats agree to wait on Iran sanctions

The 10 lawmakers said they would wait until after a March deadline for finishing the outlines of a deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear program.

about 9 hours ago

World Briefs: Grim warning on Auschwitz anniversary

PLUS: Obama meets Saudi king; Yemen rebels; Ukrainian parliament; Fidel Castro; murdered Mexican students.

about 9 hours ago

 Auschwitz survivor Roman Kent makes a speech at a ceremony today on the site of the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau near Oswiecim. Ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp are taking place today, with some 300 former Auschwitz prisoners taking part in the commemoration event. In Auschwitz, Nazis killed at least 1.1 million people, mainly Jews, but also prisoners of other ethnicities.

Last survivors recall Auschwitz, ask if lessons learned

Today's gathering in Poland marks perhaps the last major anniversary survivors of the Nazi German camp will be able to attend in numbers.

about 22 hours ago

 The outage "was not the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems," Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook says internal glitch to blame for global outages of its sites

The outage at Facebook appeared to spill over and temporarily slow or block traffic to other major Internet sites.

1 day ago

Alexis Tsipras: A young, impatient leftist is Greece's defiant new face

The nation is fast running out of money and in need of an infusion from its creditors to avoid a run on its banks before the end of next

1 day ago

Islamic State flees Kobani battle in Syria

The outcome would be a major victory for the Kurds in a town that became the primary focus of the U.S. aerial campaign.

1 day ago

Russia defiant after more threats from West over Ukraine

Standard & Poor’s rating agency downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk, causing the ruble to tumble further.

1 day ago

 Visitors walk by barbed wire fences Monday at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland. A decade ago, 1,500 Holocaust survivors traveled to Auschwitz to mark the 60th anniversary of the death camp's liberation. Today, for the 70th anniversary, organizers are expecting 300, the youngest in their 70s.

Holocaust survivors, memories dwindling

As the world moves closer to a post-survivor era, some Jewish leaders fear that people are already starting to forget the Holocaust.

1 day ago

 The Cortinthia Hotel is seen under attack in Tripoli, Libya, today as gunmen stormed the luxury hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, killing several foreigners and guards, officials said.

Nine killed as gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital

A worker said the hotel had Italian, British and Turkish guests, but the hotel was largely empty at the time of the attack.

about 9 hours ago

World Briefs: Philippines clash strains peace pact

Plus: Yemen drone strike; Mubarak’s sons released; Global warming warning;

1 day ago

Activists, Kurds: Islamic State group nearly out of Syrian border town

Expelling the militants marks a major symbolic victory both for the Kurds and the U.S.-led coalition targeting ISIS in airstrikes.

2 days ago

Rebels press Ukraine offensive

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama promises steps against Russian-backed “aggression.”

2 days ago

In India, Obama aims to improve countries’ ties

The president was given a warm reception by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

2 days ago

Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city, scores killed

The violence comes amid U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to the country Sunday.

2 days ago

Greek radical left wins election, threatening market turmoil

Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza party bitterly opposed the terms of the 2010 bailout of the country.

2 days ago

World briefs: Protesters killed on anniversary of Egypt uprising

Plus: Video changes demands; Talks to end crisis fail; Citizens offer allegiance.

2 days ago

 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks to reporters after a Cabinet meeting early today at his official residence in Tokyo.

Japan’s PM seeks release of Islamic State captive

In recent years, Japan has moved toward the U.S. government's hard line against paying ransoms to terrorists who kidnap Americans.

3 days ago

Chaos in Yemen forces U.S. to halt fight against terrorists

American  officials say the growing chaos in Yemen has resulted in a steady erosion in intelligence-gathering efforts against al-Qaida.

3 days ago

 Counter-demonstrators protest against a nearby gathering of pro-Pegida activists, who in Berlin call themselves "Baergida" and were demonstrating against the Islamization of Germany and other woes last week in Berlin.

New German far-right push against immigrants hits streets

Since the movement was founded in October, refugee advocates say the number of aggressive acts against foreigners has sharply increased.

3 days ago

World Briefs: Leftists lead final polls in Greece

Plus: Obama alters itinerary; 4 held in plot; Brits urged to stay in EU; Iraq’s Islamic State fight; ruling party’s pick wins; dozens freed.

3 days ago

ISIS video claims beheading of one Japanese hostage

A Japanese hostage captured by Islamic State militants was said to have been killed.

3 days ago

 In this Jan. 6, 2015, file image released by the Saudi Press Agency, Crown Prince Salman gestures during a session at the Shura Council. On early Friday, Saudi state TV reported King Abdullah died at the age of 90. Saudi Arabia’s new king, Salman, is a veteran of the country’s top leadership.

Saudi king buried as new ruler sets succession

King Salman moved quickly after Friday’s burial of the late ruler, Abdullah, to put a younger generation of his family closer to the throne.

4 days ago

Pro-Russian rebels reject peace deal, launch new offensive

The separatists’ moves upended recent European attempts to mediate an end to the fighting.

4 days ago

 Yemeni protesters gather during a demonstration to show their support for Houthi Shiite rebels in Sanaa, Yemen, on Friday. Thousands of protesters demonstrated Friday across Yemen, some supporting the Shiite rebels who seized the capital and others demanding the country’s south secede after the nation’s president and Cabinet resigned. Arabic on the posters reads, “God is great. Death to America. Death to Israel. A curse on the Jews. Victory to Islam.”

Yemen's Shiite rebels try to avoid overstepping amid protest

The Houthis made no public attempt to fill the vacuum created by the resignations of the president, his prime minister and cabinet.

4 days ago

Senior U.S. diplomat ruffles Cuba by meeting dissidents

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson held a breakfast meeting with the dissidents a day after talks with Cuban officials.

4 days ago

World Briefs: U.S.-India ties to take spotlight

PLUS: Islamic State decried; Thai ex-premier banned; rival Caracas protests.

4 days ago

Europe’s central bank to pump money into ailing economy

Starting in March, the ECB will buy 60 billion euros’ worth of government and corporate bonds each month at least through September 2016.

5 days ago

Saudi King Abdullah dies; new ruler is Salman

King Salman has named his half-brother Muqrin as his crown prince and heir, rapidly moving to forestall any fears of a succession crisis.

5 days ago

Obama will not meet Netanyahu in D.C.

Neither Barack Obama nor John Kerry will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes to Washington March 3.

5 days ago

Argentine president now says prosecutor’s death was not suicide

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner reversed her earlier stance.

5 days ago

World briefs: U.N. meeting focuses on anti-Semitism

PLUS: Ukraine crisis worsens, Libyan fighters seize bank

5 days ago

Syrian airstrike kills more than 30 near Damascus

A human rights group that monitors the war in Syria said 32 people had been killed, including six children.

4 days ago

Saudi King Abdullah dies, new ruler named

Abdullah’s brother Salman was named king.

5 days ago

Republicans seek to one-up Obama on foreign affairs

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, invited Israel’s prime minister to address Congress next month regarding Iran and U.S. sanctions.

6 days ago

 A Houthi Shiite Yemeni wearing an army uniform sits today atop an armored vehicle, which was seized from the army during recent clashes, outside the house of Yemen's President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in Sanaa.

Under pressure from rebels, Yemen president resigns

Presidential officials said Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi submitted his resignation after being pressured to make further concessions to rebels.

5 days ago

 A pro-Russian armored vehicle moves toward Slovyanoserbsk, eastern Ukraine, Wednesday.

Russia, Ukraine agree pullback line for heavy arms

The countries reached a deal hours after Russia-backed rebels deployed more arms and fighters to a new battlefront in the east.

6 days ago

Cuba, U.S. begin diplomatic talks, agree to disagree

It was the first of two days of sessions in Havana, focusing on basic immigration policies but recognizing a new spirit of cooperation.

6 days ago

World briefs: France boosts forces to fight terror attacks

PLUS: Boko Haram’s divine call; bus attacked in Israel; North Korean leader; arrests and convictions

6 days ago

Islamic State demands ransom for 2 Japanese

The terrorists’ move came three days after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged $200 million to countries battling the Islamic State.

1 week ago

Insurgents seize presidential palace as Yemen sinks deeper into turmoil

SANAA, Yemen — Shiite rebels shelled the residence of Yemen’s leader and swept into the nearby presidential palace Tuesday in what a top

1 week ago

 Houthi Shiite Yemeni wearing army uniforms stand guard on a street leading to the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen, today.

Shiite rebels, Yemen's president reach deal to end standoff

The agreement promised to give the rebel Houthi movement more say in the country’s affairs, the SABA news agency said.

6 days ago

 In this May 24, 2011 file photo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walks with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to make a statement on Capitol Hill in Washington. Mr. Boehner has invited Mr. Netanyahu to address Congress about Iran

Senate opens showdown with Obama over Iran sanctions

The House speaker’s move to bring Netanyahu before Congress likely increases the chances of a congressional collision with the White House.

6 days ago

World Briefs: 4 to face Paris terror charges

PLUS: AirAsia jet climbed too fast; Saudi rights crackdown; Nepal pols brawl.

1 week ago

Fiercest fighting in months besets Yemeni capital, boosting fears of coup

Yemen’s capital beset by violent clashes as Shiite insurgents try to seize more power from the country’s president.

1 week ago

To counter terror, Europe's police reconsider their arms

In wake of terrorist fatal shootings of three French officers, police forces throughout Europe are reconsidering their armaments.

1 week ago

Prosecutor in Argentina bombing inquiry is found dead

The prosecutor had recently accused Argentina’s president and top officials of protecting Iranian officials from prosecution.

1 week ago

Richest 1 percent will dominate half of world's wealth next year, Oxfam tells Davos

Oxfam, the global anti-poverty group, addressed the influential attendees of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

1 week ago


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