Wilderness Voyageurs fishing guide Ryan McCauley holds a nice Youghiogheny rainbow.

Cooperation among trout-stocking groups could improve research

Philosophies vary on numerous fronts: more small fingerlings or fewer catchable trout to marking trout for future research or not?

1 day ago

 The findings come less than a year after the suicide of Robin Williams, who had battled depression and was in the early stages of Parkinson’s at the time of his death.

Study suggests depression is precursor to Parkinson’s disease

The more severe the depression, as measured by hospitalizations and other treatment, the higher the risk of Parkinson’s, researchers found.

4 days ago

 In a recent study, a CMU professor found that couples who increased their frequency of sex had a slightly lower happiness level than couples whose sexual frequency remained unchanged. “They were, if anything, less happy,” said George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology. “They ended up wanting sex less and enjoying the sex that they did have less.”

Does more sex make couples happier? Study's results dispute CMU professor's expectations

Carnegie Mellon professor George Loewenstein said results of a “sex and happiness“ study on married couples may not reflect real life.

1 week ago

State Supreme Court hears 'wrongful life' case

Montgomery County couple challenges law that bars parents from suing a doctor for failing to inform them about possible birth defects.

1 week ago

AVATAR aims to be the top technology in lie detection

It looks like an ATM machine with a video monitor looming above it. And it might be the next big technology in lie detection.

1 week ago

 Bill Barrett of Assured Polygraph Services Inc. demonstrates polygraph equipment on his colleague Morris Ragus, seated, a retired polygraph examiner.

Lie detector tests being used to monitor sex offenders and guide treatment

Polygraphs are not permitted in Pennsylvania courts during the trial phase.

1 week ago

 Stephen Repasky, owner of Meadow Sweet Apiaries, inspects a hive Friday at Dundee Farm in Sewickley Heights. “We’re on the verge of a major disaster with honeybees,” Mr. Repasky said. Pennsylvania has recorded a 61 percent die-off of bees in the past year.

Honeybee population in free fall; Pennsylvania among worst hit in nation

Beekeepers blame pesticides, mites and lost habitat for high honeybee die-off rates nationwide; Pennsylvania’s rate is 61 percent.

1 week ago

First known warm-blooded fish found

Researchers have determined that the opah, or moonfish, can keep its internal temperature 5 degrees Celsius warmer than its environment.

1 week ago

Pittsburgh, Japanese robotics teams work together in race to the moon

‘Co-opetition’ brings rivals Astrobotic and its partner CMU, and Japanese team HAKUTO to LaFarge company slag site in West Mifflin.

1 week ago

Botox injection to heart may erase rhythm issues

In a small study of heart bypass patients, surgeons injected the paralyzing toxin into fat pads that can build up around the heart.

1 week ago

 Mihir Garimella, 15, a sophomore at Fox Chapel Area High School, shows off his project, a biologically inspired flying sensor platform for autonomous emergency response.

Four Pittsburgh-area students take part in International Science and Engineering Fair

The students’ projects feature a flying robot, a computer app and breast cancer research in the Intel science fair.

1 week ago

Die-off of honeybees worsening, survey says

The worrisome honeybee die-off apparently grew worse last year, researchers say.

1 week ago

 David Steele, 17, a freshmen at Nottingham High School in Nottingham, United Kingdom, holds up a picture of his dog, which inspired him to design a collar that allows owners to track their pets. His project is a finalist at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Student competitors share fascinating projects at International Science and Engineering Fair

Student science and engineering projects at the Intel International fair in Pittsburgh range from GPS dog collars to a wall-climbing robot.

1 week ago

 A group of students plays chess Tuesday during a break at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown.

Forget about the prizes, Nobel winners advise young scientists in Pittsburgh

“Some of the biggest discoveries have been discovered accidentally,” said chemistry Nobelist Sir Harold Kroto during an international fair.

1 week ago

 Samuel Scott, 15, from Hawaii, gives a practice demonstration on his project Bacterial Warfare during the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Monday.

Young scientists converge on David L. Lawrence Convention Center

From pills to prosthetics, student researchers put their work on display at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

1 week ago

Science whiz kids descending on Pittsburgh for international fair

More than 1,700 of the world’s top science students will gather for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, opening today.

2 weeks ago

Pitt study connects diabetes, premature brain aging

Middle-aged type 1 diabetics had more severe brain abnormalities than a similarly aged control group without the disease.

2 weeks ago

 A plume of steam billows from the coal-fired Merrimack Station in Bow, N.H.

Study connects emission cuts to reduction of early deaths

Peer-reviewed study finds health co-benefits would result from implementing the controversial federal Clean Power Plant Rule

2 weeks ago

Googling on mobile devices surpasses PCs in U.S. for first time

Google’s mobile search requests are outstripping requests in nine other countries as well.

2 weeks ago

 Lexie Bouchard, a seventh-grader at Pittsburgh Brookline PreK-8, gets excited as she works on math skills with third-grader Sophia Diaz, 9, Thursday. Lexie, who has brittle bone disease, has served as a student mentor for the past several months.

Pittsburgh teen with brittle bone disease honored for inspiring others

Pittsburgh Brookline PreK-8 third-graders have forged a bond with mentor Lexie Bouchard, a seventh-grader battling the congenital condition.

3 weeks ago

CMU chemistry professor earns prize for polymer research work

The prize for Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, awarded every two years, consists of a medal, a citation and a $250,000 award.

3 weeks ago

Pilot prepares for flight in solar-powered craft

No one before has attempted a solar-powered flight over such a large expanse of ocean — 5,070 miles.

3 weeks ago

 Maya Evanitsky searches for the best place to remove a skin sample from the "Original Nittany Lion," the 150-year-old specimen that resides at Penn State's All-Sports Museum.

PSU student uses stuffed Nittany lion for DNA sequencing

The hope is to use the mascot’s fame to call attention to efforts to protect endangered mountain lion species.

3 weeks ago

Doomsday at Mercury: NASA craft falls from orbit into planet

NASA’s spacecraft Messenger ended its mission Thursday by crashing into the closest planet to the sun at a speed of almost 9,000 mph.

3 weeks ago

 Paul Mason, 54, once weighed more than 980 pounds. He lost about 650 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery five years ago, but suffered frequent infections and mobility problems because of about 100 pounds of loose skin that remained.

Surgery to remove man’s excess skin exceeds expectations

The operation, aided by doctors with Pittsburgh ties, removed 48 pounds of excess skin from Paul Mason, who once weighed 980 pounds.

3 weeks ago

 U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, shown here in March, said lessons should be learned from the Ebola scare last fall.

Sen. Casey: More funding needed to fight Lyme disease across Pa.

Pennsylvania has had the most cases of Lyme disease nationwide for the last five years.

3 weeks ago

Pitt study’s food swap confirms risks of colon cancer

African Americans who ate foods high in fiber and low in animal proteins and fats experienced declines in risk factors for colon cancer.

3 weeks ago

Schools shouldn't be bugged about head lice, doctors say

American Academy of Pediatrics reinforces its guidelines, which urges schools to not exclude students from class.

4 weeks ago

Vampire squids: Unusual reproductive habits hint at greater life longevity

Vampire squid can live nearly 2 miles beneath the surface, so much less is known about them than shallower squid.

4 weeks ago


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