Random Acts of Kindness: Female truck driver stopped to handle woman's shoveling

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Today, all of Pittsburgh woke up to a whiteout. Snow can be pretty unless you are looking at it with a shovel in hand.

Let me start out by saying I walk with a cane. Today, I left the cane inside and picked up the shovel. I had just reached the bottom of my four steps when a sanitation truck stopped in front of my house.

The driver got out of the truck and took the yet-unused shovel out of my hands. She said, "Let me get you started." She shoveled the area out to the sidewalk.

She had no idea of my handicap -- she just came to help. What an angel.



Busy man went out of way to guide her to the hospital

Last month, my elderly mother fell, fracturing her hip. She also suffered a heart attack.

She was taken to Ohio Valley General Hospital, located in an area with which I am not familiar. The West End detour was in force, and I was seriously lost and very stressed out while wanting to be by mother's side, knowing that her life was in danger.

After driving across the McKees Rocks Bridge, totally lost, I drove over a median strip to get to a mini-mart. Two gentlemen were exiting the store, and I asked them if they knew how to get to the hospital.

Both of these gentlemen were on their way to work; however, they stopped to answer my question. I must have appeared confused, so one of the gentlemen told me he would lead me there in his car. The other gentleman directed traffic, in order to ensure that I would not be separated from my guide.

I could never begin to repay these gentlemen, whose selfless generosity made it possible to be with my mother when she needed me.

Nick was the gentleman who went out of his way to lead me to the hospital, despite his being late for work. He refused to take even a small amount of money for his trouble, even though I could never begin to repay him.

I did not learn the other gentleman's name. I just want them to know how much their kindness meant to me.



When she couldn't walk, another shopper helped

My husband and I were shopping at Sam's Club on Mount Nebo hill the middle of December.

I am on oxygen; therefore, the weather plays a factor in what I do outside. It was one of those bitter days, and the blustery wind is what did me in.

When we came out of the store my husband said he could pick me up, and I told him I would be OK to walk to the car. He usually parks close to the cart return, and when I reached that, as I was lagging behind looking down to avoid the wind, he kept walking.

I had no more air left in my body to get to the car and hung onto the pole at the cart return. While I was trying so hard to regain composure and get some breath to call out to him, this beautiful younger woman who was getting in her car on the other side of the cart return yelled over, "Are you OK?"

I shook my head no, and she came closer and asked what she could do to help. I pointed to my husband, who by this time was unloading all these groceries into the tailgate, not realizing I was not behind him. Panting like a puppy, I asked her to go tell him I couldn't make it any farther.

She offered to drive me five car-lengths up to our car, but I could not have made it to her car. She told my husband and then came back to see if I was going to be OK. I think I was in panic mode and just needed to calm down.

I didn't get the woman's name, but she had a beautiful Jamaican accent. She was tall and had such a pretty smile.

Thank you so much for your kindness and the compassion you gave me. I hope you had a nice Christmas. You helped me to have one.



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