Random Acts of Kindness: Cemetery worker's special effort rescued a visit by two lost sisters

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This week, my sister and I went to see my aunt's grave for the first time in Calvary Cemetery. We don't live in the city and haven't been to the cemetery in years, so we weren't familiar with the layout.

The women in the office were very helpful, giving us directions to the grave. However, after we started down the road we immediately got confused. We asked a cemetery worker shoveling dirt over a fresh grave where our section was.

He immediately dropped his shovel and told us to follow him. Not only did he take us to the section but he spent another 10 minutes locating and cleaning off my aunt's headstone for us. It was a cold and windy day. He didn't have to help us like that.

I don't know his name, but we'd like to thank him.


East Vandergrift

Hospital security guards changed couple's flat tire

My wife and I had to drive to the hospital emergency room on Nov. 24. When I pulled up to the entrance, I came too close and bumped my tire very hard against the curb and ruined it.

I called AAA at about 9 p.m. and was advised, as usual, to wait about one hour. At 10:30, I called AAA again and they said it would be "a few more minutes." No one showed up by 11.

Just then, four or five security men kindly offered to change my tire. It wasn't easy -- they had to struggle to get the damaged tire off. They worked approximately 30 minutes and did the job.

They wouldn't accept any reward, but they get my MVP award!


Squirrel Hill

Store employee's help with a wallet avoided big problems for a motorist

Driving from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, I stopped to get gas but left my wallet on the counter in Donegal.

After driving more than 50 miles, I got a call on my cell phone. The salesperson who had found my wallet and debit card called the PNC branch up the road, whose branch manager then looked up my information and placed the call to me.

I picked up my wallet at the bank. The honest woman where I purchased gas had dropped it off after her shift. I am so grateful for this selfless act of giving and now look for opportunities to help others.



Anonymous donor keeps providing her gift cards every holiday season

For the 10th year now, I have received a Giant Eagle gift card for $100 from my "Christmas angel."

I believe in the magic of Christmas. The magic is the love and goodwill that exists in the hearts of people. I have tried to guess the identity of the generous giver, but this person chooses to remain anonymous, thus making it more magical. I just want to say "Thank you, Christmas angel" for your kindness and love. God bless you.



Christmas shopping was saved by store clerk holding lost bag

My aunt and I planned some belated birthday shopping at Ross Park Mall on a recent Saturday. We returned home that evening only to notice that my Express shopping bag was missing.

After double-checking the trunk, I realized I had left it somewhere in the mall (with over $200 worth of merchandise inside). We frantically retraced our last few stops trying to remember where I would have left it.

I called the first store, and they said there was no shopping bag anywhere. My heart began to sink. I then called Williams-Sonoma, and the nice young woman who answered remembered who I was and said the bag was waiting for me at the cash register.

I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked her and drove back to pick it up, luckily not living too far from the mall. Once I arrived, she immediately recognized me, handed the bag over to me and said I had left it there as I was checking out.

I want to thank that worker profusely, who was not only honest but hopeful that I would return. When I got the bag, there was a note taped to it with a description of what my aunt and I were both wearing. She was very observant, and I can't thank her enough!



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