Random Acts of Kindness: A burly bearded biker is a gentle giant

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Bearded biker does his part to undo negative stereotype

My sister and niece from Canada and I were visiting the Laurel Highlands when we encountered a problem with the car -- a tire had a nail in it, causing low pressure.

We stopped at a GetGo in Ligonier and were attempting to use the air pressure machine when a bearded biker approached us and offered his help. He removed the nail and patched the hole. In no time he had us back on the road to continue our trip.

We wanted to show our gratitude and offered him a monetary reward, but he refused. At our request, he gave us his name and address -- he stated a thank you note was sufficient.

To quote this biker: "People think bikers are loud and untidy, but we have a heart and care about others."

He certainly proved it with us. We thank him for his act of kindness.




Headed the wrong way on bridge, she was aided by fellow newcomer

I recently moved to Pittsburgh and am getting to know my way around. However, when I'd only been here a couple of weeks, I made an awful mistake.

I was coming home on a Wednesday evening from Oakland and driving toward the Bloomfield Bridge. I drove through the intersection at the light and ended up on the wrong side of the bridge.

Thank goodness, I hadn't gone very far when I realized I was going the wrong way. As I realized this, a guy rolled down his window and told me I was indeed going the wrong way. I was grateful immediately that he didn't yell at me for being stupid.

What he did do was so very kind, as well as ensuring not only my safety but the safety of the other drivers coming toward me. He stopped his car right there to give me the time and space to turn around. I was even more grateful as I'd panicked somewhat, like, "Ack! How do I get out of this?"

After turning around and stopping at the light, I rolled down my window to thank him. He asked me if I was all right, and I assured him I was. And, as a bit of explanation (as I usually don't go the wrong way on one-way streets), I told him I'd only been here a few weeks and this was confusing, especially if you're not familiar with lots of one-way streets.

He again was so kind, stating he'd just recently moved to Pittsburgh and agreed it was confusing. As he left, I noticed his license plate, which was from Illinois. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.




Initial visit to Strip District led cousins to a special treat

My cousin Patti and I do a lot of things together, and like some people as they get older, I wanted to start doing things I could cross off a bucket list I've been wanting to make.

So on Oct. 11, we decided we would make our first trip to Pittsburgh's Strip District to see what all the hype is about. It was a little rainy that day, and we were debating where to eat. With so many choices we decided on Kelly O's Diner.

It was crowded, and after eating our delicious lunches, we were waiting (and waiting) on our bill when the waitress came over and said, "I'm not supposed to tell you this until they leave," but the men walking out the door had paid for our lunch.

We looked kind of awestruck at that moment and asked why. She had no idea. As we scrambled to leave a tip and gather our things, we wanted to race outside to say thank you but they were gone. They have no idea what a small act of kindness like that did for our spirits that day. They definitely made our first experience to the Strip District one we will also smile about.

We giggled about the reasons why they might have paid for our lunch. The one I liked best is that "us two middle-aged women still got it!" We hope they are reading this and know how much we truly appreciated their kindness.


Weirton, W.Va.


She feared the worst for lost stamps, but they awaited her at post office

I made a trip to the Monroeville post office to buy stamps for my holiday cards.

After buying two rolls of 100 stamps, I stuffed them in my purse (or so I thought) and went home. After going through my purse there many times, with panic setting in that the stamps weren't there, I returned to the post office and found that someone who found them had taken them back to the counter!

The clerk had them there for me. Can you imagine my relief, when someone could have just picked them up and walked off? They are very special people, and I do thank them so much.




An older woman's fall prompted quick response by others on street

My personal Good Samaritan was peacefully eating lunch in his truck parked on Shady Avenue on a recent Thursday when he heard my head hit the sidewalk.

It was a nasty fall, and he was over in an instant with his cell phone. He called 911 and my husband while another man joined him, eager to help.

Two paramedics were on the scene in minutes and checked my small cut, which had finally stopped bleeding, and they asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. There seemed to be none of the classic signs of concussion, so I opted to go home with my husband, who had just arrived.

The next day, on the insistence of family and friends, I checked into the emergency room for a CT scan, just in case. All is well, but the lump on my head was a sensitive reminder of the deep gratitude this 82-year-old senior owes four strangers. May you be blessed.


Point Breeze


Stranger devoted a Saturday night to driving a stranded couple home

On a recent Saturday evening my wife and I were on our way to the Little Lake Theatre to see a play when our car overheated.

I pulled off of Route 19 onto a side street and got out to check the situation. I hadn't even opened the hood when a woman stopped and asked if we needed any help. I explained that the car had overheated and that I had not yet looked at it, but I told her I did not think there was much she could do.

Boy, was I wrong! Saying she would wait, just in case, this thoughtful lady pulled her car behind ours and offered to let my wife sit in her warm car to wait while I assessed the situation and called for a tow. Her husband was called to recommend a reputable repair shop nearby.

After I told my wife we would have to call a cab to get home, the woman insisted on driving us because a cab would be too expensive. We live in O'Hara Township, and she drove us all the way from Upper St. Clair to home, and on the way we had a very nice conversation and got to know a little about one another.

My wife and I thank Marcella for making a stressful situation so much easier to endure, and for sacrificing most of her own Saturday night to help two strangers.




Plumber took break from paid job to help someone else with mower

My next-door neighbor had a serious sewer drain issue that required the plumber from Roto-Rooter to call an additional crew to assist him.

While waiting for the crew to arrive, he was watching (and listening) as I was cutting my grass. He came over into my yard and yelled, "It's starving!"

I turned off my mower and asked him what he meant. I knew something was wrong with the way my mower sounded, but it continued to run even though it was more like chugging. He said the carburetor needed adjustment.

He went back to his truck, retrieved some tools and proceeded to take my mower apart. After he was finished, I pulled the cord to start it and the mower sounded and ran like new! This young man saved me an unknown amount of money for mower repairs, and I would like to thank him (I did not get his name). I will surely pay it forward!


South Strabane


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