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 Freda Ellis

Obituary: Freda Ellis / August Wilson’s sister served in many roles

Freda Ellis -- sister of the late playwright August WIlson -- was a beloved force in the community.

about 16 hours ago

 Writer Wes Craven died in his Los Angeles home of brain cancer.  He was 76.

Obituary: Wes Craven / ‘Scream’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ director

The versatile filmmaker also wrote and produced features, directed for television and wrote novels.

1 day ago

Obituary: Paul G. Dacey / A fixture at PNC Park’s Lexus Club

Mr. Dacey, 83, of Brookline died Wednesday at St. Clair Hospital of congestive heart failure.

1 day ago

National news obituaries

Marvin Mandel, governor who fell from grace; Oliver Sacks, neurologist; Nelson Shanks, painter of presidents and royalty

1 day ago

Obituary: David A. Page / Business professor who valued historic preservation

Mr. Page, a Harvard Ph.D. who taught at Robert Morris University for decades, founded Regional Resources to protect historic buildings.

2 days ago

Obituary: Daniel Fine / New Kensington doctor had moral compass

New Kensington physician was committed to social justice.

3 days ago

 Susie Fitzgerald

Obituary: Susan Burt Fitzgerald / Co-founded Pine travel business

Susan Fitzgerald, who co-founded Pine-based Frontiers International Travel, died following complications from heart surgery. She was 76.

4 days ago

 Darryl Dawkins

Obituary: Darryl Dawkins / NBA’s ‘Chocolate Thunder’ dunker

He was the first high school player to go straight to the NBA when he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1975.

4 days ago

Frank E. Petersen Jr., first black Marine aviator, dies

Frank E. Petersen III said his father died at his home, of complications from lung cancer. He was 83.

4 days ago

 Oliver Lee Miller

Obituary: Oliver Lee Miller / Inspirational VA-trained housekeeper

Oliver Lee Miller broke his crack addiction, became a Veterans Administration housekeeper and reconnected with his Hill District family.

5 days ago

Obituary: James C. Klingensmith / Key labor figure helped dad get famous Mazeroski photo

James C. “Klinger” Klingensmith was a longtime labor leader and college football official for the Big 10 Conference and Conference USA.

6 days ago

Obituary: Stanley S. Pyzdrowski / Built, renovated hundreds of religious institutions in region

He and his father, Anthony, before him, were institutional architects for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh from 1918 through 2004.

1 week ago

Obituary: Vincena Malec / Early advocate, coordinator of homeless services for veterans

After retiring, Ms. Malec opened a business called Guardianship Services and was a fiduciary for incompetent veterans, her son said.

1 week ago

Obituary: Catherine 'Katie' Anderson / Visited nursing homes with service dog in tow

Catherin ’Katie’ Anderson suited up her service dog, Barnaby, and visited other residents at nursing homes and hospitals.

1 week ago

Obituary: Herbert Striner / Former presidential adviser

In the 1960s, he was an adviser on employment and training for the administrations of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

1 week ago

Obituary: Melody Patterson / ‘F Troop’ Actress

In addition to her starring role on “F Troop,” Ms. Patterson appeared on TV shows “The Monkees,” “Adam-12” and “Green Acres.”

1 week ago

Obituary: Charles A. McLaughlin / Longtime South Hills district judge

Charles A. McLaughlin was involved in politics, civic causes, church events, business and fraternal groups.

1 week ago

Obituaries from around the world

Benton L. Becker, negotiated Nixon pardon; Forrest M. Bird, inventor of medical supplies; Hamid Gul, Pakistani general and spymaster.

1 week ago

 In this Saturday, Jan. 17, 1998, file photo, Rep. Louis Stokes, D-Ohio, announces, that he will retire from Congress at the end of the year.

Obituary: Louis Stokes / Ohio congressman praised for beliefs

Mr. Stokes was elected to the House in 1968, becoming Ohio’s first black member of Congress and one of its most respected and influential.

1 week ago

 Lawrence "Deuce" Skurcenski, a local legend among high school sports followers.

Obituary: Lawrence 'Deuce' Skurcenski / Legendary western Pa. sports statistician always an ace

Lawrence “Deuce” Skurcenski, a beloved figure in western Pennsylvania high school sports circles, died at the age of 73.

1 week ago

 FILE - In this July 17, 2015, file photo, President Barack Obama meets with Emma Didlake, 110, of Detroit, the oldest known World War II veteran, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. The Michigan woman who was believed to be the nation's oldest veteran has died a month after meeting the president. The Oakland County medical examiner's office says Didlake died Sunday, Aug. 16 in West Bloomfield, northwest of Detroit. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Obituary: Emma Didlake / Woman believed to be nation’s oldest veteran

Emma Didlake was the nation’s oldest veteran, having served in Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II.

1 week ago

 Bud Yorkin

Obituary: Alan “Bud” Yorkin / TV producer was unafraid to tackle sensitive subjects

Over the course of his long career, Washington, Pa. native Alan “Bud" Yorkin won six Emmy Awards, a Peabody, a Sylvania and a Director's

1 week ago

Obituary: Marion E. Henry / Beautician never lost sense of style

Mrs. Henry married Thomas B. Henry who would open his Tom Henry Chevrolet dealership in Richland in 1958.

1 week ago

Obituary: John Rayne / CMU physics professor emeritus

Mr. Rayne, who lived in Forest Hills, then Oakland and finally St. Louis, died Aug. 9 at a St. Louis nursing home. He was 88.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Rev. James Earl Garmon Sr. / Lawrenceville pastor who served his community

The Rev. James Earl Garmon Sr., was an active member of the community whose service included his appointment to the state Human Relations

2 weeks ago

Obituary: John T. Giancola / City fire captain supported Bloomfield as a tireless community volunteer

Over a span of many decades into his 80s, he was a leader of the Bloomfield community through his work with many organizations.

2 weeks ago

 Dale Sacia

Obituary: Dale Sacia / ‘Family man’ received Purple Heart, aided in mission that inspired movie

Dale Sacia, of Hampton, died Wednesday at the VA Hospital in Butler. He was 90 and had been battling cancer.

2 weeks ago

 East Liberty native, CMU alum and veteran of stage, TV and movies Al Checco died July 19, 2015, at age 93.

Obituary: Al Checco / East Liberty native became successful comedic actor

The East Liberty actor who often partnered with Army buddy Don Knotts funded the Checco Rehearsal Studio at Carnegie Mellon University.

2 weeks ago

 Marcella McGrogan.

Obituary: Marcella McGrogan / Co-founder of Carnegie's historic society

She co-founded the Historical Society of Carnegie with her husband to prepare for the borough’s centennial in 1994.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Harry Molchen / Former Post-Gazette ad manager had talent for art

Mr. Molchen, 78, formerly the advertising manager for the Pittsburgh Press then Post-Gazette, died in crash with his wife badly injured.

2 weeks ago

 The late Stanley Zubik, left, with his son, Bishop David Zubik, and Stanley Zubik's late wife, Susan Zubik in a family photo.

Obituary: Stanley Zubik / Supportive father of Bishop Zubik

Stanley Zubik “was a guy who had simple tastes,” said his son, Bishop Zubik. He “had great pride in his faith and in his Polishness.”

2 weeks ago

 Stanley Zubik

Bishop Zubik's father, Stanley Zubik, dies at 88

Bishop Zubik and other relatives and friends were keeping vigil and praying the rosary at Mercy Hospital when the elder Zubik died.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Dale William Stetzer / Created unique rollouts of new products

Dale William Stetzer of Sewickley conceived ideas to help firms like Continental Airlines and DuPont generate interest in new products.

2 weeks ago

 Morris Waldman.

Obituary: Morris Waldman / Furniture store owner served generations of Pittsburghers

When it came to furniture, Morris Waldman knew his stuff. But that’s not what kept him in business for half a century.

3 weeks ago

 Frank Kravetz

Obituary: Frank Kravetz / WWII veteran proud of POW experience

Mr. Kravetz died Friday at age 91.

3 weeks ago

 Frank Gifford

Obituary: Frank Gifford / NFL celebrity player, broadcaster

Frank Gifford,  a Hall of Fame running back and receiver, died at his home in Connecticut on Sunday. He was 84.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Antonina 'Nina' Insana / Italian immigrant led her family’s beauty acacdemy chain

Antonina “Nina” Insana, owner and operator of the Franco Beauty Academy chain,  died Wednesday from a stroke.

3 weeks ago

 Bette Louise Hughes, at left, has a shirt tied around her waist and holds a banner as members of PIttsburgh Action Against Rape march on Beechwood Boulevard in this 1985 image.

Obituary: Bette Louise Hughes / Tireless activist for women, children and social justice

Bette Louise Hughes was ardent feminist, activist and advocate for people who had no voice

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Susan Williams / Beloved counselor at Franklin Regional High School

Called an “icon” by the school principal, Ms. Williams spent 35 years at the school district. “She was first and foremost a child advocate.

3 weeks ago

 Gregg Frank

Obituary: Gregg Frank / Paramedic who cared for others

Gregg Frank worked as a Pittsburgh paramedic for 24 years.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Maurice Gable / A visionary, an artist who co-produced “The Story of Rocky Bleier”

Maurice Gable had a varied career in public relations, marketing and film production.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Stanley L. Pollock / Oral surgeon had relentless work ethic

Dr. Pollock, who died of heart failure Friday at age 87.

3 weeks ago

 Sen. Richard Schweiker, R-Pa., a member of a Senate Health and Scientific Research subcommittee speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. Schweiker, a liberal Republican who was the vice presidential candidate in Ronald Reagan's unsuccessful 1976 campaign and later served in Reagan's Cabinet, has died. He was 89.

Obituary / Richard Schultz Schweiker: U.S. senator, secretary of health and human services

Richard S. Schweiker, a Norristown native, served 20 years U.S. House and Senate before serving in Ronald Reagan’s cabinet.

4 weeks ago

 Barbara Bush, right, once described Elsie Hillman as ''a cross between Teddy Roosevelt and Auntie Mame."

Obituary: Elsie Hillman, philanthropist and GOP pillar, dies at 89

Mrs. Hillman, the wife of billionaire Henry Hillman, was once described as "the Grand Duchess of the Pennsylvania Republican Party."

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Arthur J. 'Art' Keenan / Stephen Zappala’s ‘go-to guy’ in DA’s office

Mr. Keenan, of Kennedy, had been the community liaison in the district attorney’s office after a long career with U.S. Steel sales.

4 weeks ago

 Blanche Dunik

Obituary: Blanche Dunik / Longtime South Side crossing guard always cared for others

Longtime South Side resident Blanche Dunik knew how to lend a hand and keep a secret.

1 month ago