Pa.'s state-owned universities ponder price flexibility plans; get warning about higher costs

The pricing programs would affect California University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, Mansfield and Shippensburg universities.

about 8 hours ago

WVU hires Penn State administrator to rebuild Greek life

A student’s death and an earlier alcohol-fueled disturbance involving another frat prompted WVU to suspend most Greek activities last fall.

about 9 hours ago

 The auditor general said he found scant evidence of work by former special adviser on higher education Ron Tomalis.

State audit finds special adviser on higher education 'did little work'

Eugene DePasquale blasts the Department of Education for lack of oversight on advisers and help for academically struggling districts.

1 day ago

State-owned universities might get cash advances if budget impasse endures

The money would come from the State System of Higher Education's investment portfolio.

1 day ago

 “This gift provides a permanent stream of critically needed resources to attract and support talented faculty and students,” Subra Suresh said.

Hillman Foundation helps Carnegie Mellon create endowed chair

CMU says the fund will provide the school with more flexibility to attract and retain top-notch faculty and a diverse cohort of students.

about 21 hours ago

Potential bidder on old Mars school wants to see appraisals

The Mars Area school district, under the advice of solicitor Tom King, is keeping appraisals secret on old Middlesex Elementary building.

1 day ago

Students uninjured in crash involving car, Pine-Richland School District bus

The bus was carrying about two dozen students when it collided with the other vehicle.

2 days ago

 Paula Busanic, a former teacher at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Edgewood, said she left the school in 2009 because she was frustrated with the lack of respect and empathy she received from her colleagues and administrators who are able to hear.

Small group of protesters criticizes deaf school's program

The protesters say the school administration does not enforce the use of ASL by non-deaf people in the school.

1 day ago

Moon Area revives merger talks with Cornell

Curt Baker, Moon Area superintendent, presented a proposal to the school board Monday night.

2 days ago

 Vitalya "Tally" Sepot, a Penn State sophomore from Branford, Conn., was killed in a one-car accident Sept. 27 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Chester County.

Penn State THON organizers to review 'canning' safety in wake of crash that killed student

Vitalya Sepot, 19, of Branford, Conn., was killed when the vehicle she was in crashed on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Sept. 27.

2 days ago

 Police stand outside of the Community College of Philadelphia today while police searched the school after a report of a person with a gun.

Philadelphia college searched after report of armed person

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told reporters that there were no reports of shooting or injuries.

2 days ago

 Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis was named by Mr. Corbett as his special adviser in June 2013.

State audits: Education Dept. failed to monitor special adviser under Corbett

The state audit report says the Department of Education "failed to monitor its special adviser (Tomalis)" to then-Gov. Tom Corbett.

2 days ago

Bus driver flown to UPMC Presbyterian after Fayette County crash

No Brownsville Area School District students were on the bus when it crashed around 8:50 a.m. on Isabella Road in Luzerne.

3 days ago

 Joe Giansante, a math teacher at Pittsburgh Brashear High School, received two unsatisfactory evaluations and is contesting the district's action to dismiss him.

Joe Giansante, the teacher who's fighting his dismissal

“I can’t let something go, not when I know I’m right. ... Call me unsatisfactory? That’s a guy who doesn’t try,” says Mr. Giansante.

4 days ago

Two IUP football players charged in assault

Gabriel Yuille and Kaliff Starke-Clemons were members of the IUP football team.

3 days ago

 The educational preferences of employers introduce a “potentially significant barrier to economic self-sufficiency” for those without a four-year degree, researchers wrote.

As employers demand degrees, high-paying jobs remain out of reach for many

The share of higher-wage jobs for workers without a four-year college degree has shrunk, although Pittsburgh ranks higher than many cities.

4 days ago

 A sign calling for prayer outside Umpqua Community College a day after the shooting there, in Roseburg, Ore.

Options for an active shooter: run, hide or fight

In the wake of a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, experts say action is sometimes needed.

5 days ago

 Post-Gazette interns offer a reality check on college.

Reality Check: Fall 2015 Education Planning Guide

Post-Gazette summer 2015 interns offer a glimpse into what college is really like.

6 days ago

 Brittany Meixner of Carrick holds a piece  she created that will be displayed at the “We Live Here” exhibit tonight at 21st Street Coffee and Tea in the Strip District. She titled the piece “Dragon in the Night.” Some of the artwork will be accompanied by audio recordings.

Strip District exhibit features artwork of homeless young adults

The exhibit is titled “We Live Here.” Pieces will be auctioned tonight at an event at 21st Street Coffee and Tea.

6 days ago

 U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan walks to a town hall meeting on CMU's campus Sept. 18.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan stepping down

Duncan says in a letter to staff that he's returning to Chicago to live with his family.

6 days ago

 North Hills High School students participate in an astronomy class in the new digital immersion theater.

North Hills High School upgrades its planetarium

The school’s planetarium can take students worlds away or bring them right out of the front door.

6 days ago

Elizabeth Forward School District to garnish wages of employees behind on taxes

About 12 employees of the district have been identified as owing back real estate taxes to the district.

6 days ago

Osborne Elementary School’s gARTen Club receives program grants

The school in the Quaker Valley School District has received two grants worth nearly $9,000 to encourage education in and through the arts.

6 days ago

In Wilkinsburg, these backpacks hold blessings

Each week, volunteers pack 550 bags of food to send home with Wilkinsburg students.

6 days ago

Bethel Park students step up to kindness challenge

They heard a speaker from a group formed by the parents of Rachel Scott, who was killed in the Columbine High School shootings in 1999.

6 days ago

Penn Hills schools struggling with student behavior

Administrators have had their hands full with issues ranging from dress code violations to destruction of school property and fighting.

6 days ago

Sto-Rox changes security firms

The change in companies was mainly due to ongoing issues with staffing, Superintendent Terry DeCarbo said.

6 days ago

West Jefferson Hills School Board suspends girls basketball coaches

The basketball coaches were suspended Sept. 23 over what one of them called “a parent issue.”

6 days ago

 At Grinnell College, one former Post-Gazette intern continues to geek out about “The Lord of the Rings,” debate historical fine points and enjoy staying in with friends almost every weekend.

Finding a good college fit is a process

When choosing a college, it can help to look for a place that fits who you are now -- and who you want to become.

6 days ago

 A flag flies from a building at New York University in 2012.

Disappointment can lead to the right college choice

Rejection at a big school and acceptance at a small liberal arts college turned out for the best.

6 days ago

School news for Oct. 2, 2015: East Catholic, McKeesport Area, Penn Hills

School news from the Pittsburgh region’s east communities.

6 days ago

Ask yourself what you truly want in college

It might take some time to find your place in college.

6 days ago

School news: Montour, Moon Area, Propel Montour and South Fayette

School news from Pittsburgh region’s west communities.

6 days ago

School news: Deer Lakes, Hampton, North Hills and more

School news from Pittsburgh region’s north communities.

6 days ago

How to find a niche at a large university

In college, choose a group of people who will push you to be better.

6 days ago

School news for Oct. 2, 2015: Bethel Park, Canon-McMillan, South Fayette, Upper St. Clair

School news from the Pittsburgh region’s south communities.

6 days ago

Don't overlook a university because of its reputation

Do your own homework before choosing a college.

6 days ago

Graduate school can offer a step up for students

Going back to school can help gain entry into the job market.

6 days ago

College shouldn't come between you and your family

Nagging parents are sometimes hard to handle, but it can -- and it should -- be done.

6 days ago

Eight tips to navigate college living

You can’t know everything, but you should be realistic about your college living situation.

6 days ago

 A Penn State University student walks across campus in front of the Old Main Building in State College, Pa.

College is a chance to explore new ideas

Make sure college isn’t a second round of high school.

6 days ago

 Many classes are discussion based, so participation is often part of students’ grades at Chatham University.

Women's college encourages students to speak up

Women can benefit from safe, collaborative environment.

6 days ago

 The costs of parking and gasoline can add up quickly.

Having a car in college can be more work than you think

Costs of parking and repairs can add up.

6 days ago

 Be brave enough to burn a few batches in the kitchen. That is one of the best ways you will learn.

Like cooking, patience is vital in college

A pinch of productivity, a smidgen of sensibility and a heap of hard work is part of the recipe for a rewarding college experience.

6 days ago

Studying abroad can enhance the college experience

Research programs to find the most appropriate one.

6 days ago

Liberal arts can build a sense of wonder

Liberal arts are still valuable, even though many schools emphasize the sciences.

6 days ago

Develop college work ethic early

Find activities that interest you when you’re in high school.

6 days ago

Homesickness a common part of college experience

Homesickness isn’t just limited to the freshman year.

6 days ago

Utilize campus resources to stay in good mental health

Many campuses have found that the number of students with several psychological problems has increased.

6 days ago

Healthy risk-taking is important in college

Fear of failure and desire to take risks can be in conflict.

6 days ago