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Attending American schools brings joy to Kenyan children

In 1998, Macrina Lelei returned to Pittsburgh to work toward a doctorate degree. Macrina’s two youngest children came with her.

Odysseys: Englishman likes it here in Pittsburgh

Mark traveled throughout Europe, to Africa and the U.S. to disassemble machinery in steel mills and sometimes reinstall it elsewhere.

Obama’s executive action clouds long-term immigration changes

Will the president's immigration action lead to gridlock -- or will it trigger piecemeal progress?

H-1B work visa full of uncertainties for immigrants

The H-1B program: Is America shortchanging itself, or are we exploiting foreign-born students?

Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: Refugees face challenges and opportunities

Most of Pittsburgh’s immigrants left their homelands by choice, but those displaced by calamities didn’t have that luxury.

Pittsburgh’s New Immigrants: For 60 years, America officially excluded Chinese people

The Chinese Exclusion Act, passed by Congress in 1882 and was not lifted until 1943, when politicians acted partly out of embarrassment.

New wave of Chinese highly educated

Chinese immigrants travel thousands of miles to make a new life in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s New Immigrants: Indians prosper in their endeavors

Highly educated and ambitious, Indians are Pittsburgh’s largest recent immigrant group.

Family builds house that caters to Hindu traditions

A builder in the North Hills of Pittsburgh is meeting Hindu standards for Indians’ homes.

Mexican finds success, defies stereotypes in Pittsburgh

Lucia M. Aguirre arrived in Pittsburgh to study architecture at CMU and stayed after graduation to help continue the city’s redevelopment.

Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: CMU president Subra Suresh makes the case for diversity

In the vanguard of Indian-American college presidents, he heads a school with a marked international flavor.

Odysseys: From Syria to Pittsburgh, the Khalils build families

Agnes died in September 2003 after a long illness. Mikhail held her hand in her final moments.

Burundian refugees connect with church that helped them acclimate to life in the U.S.

A small, mostly white church in the North Hills becomes home to dozens of Burundian refugees.

Indian immigrants make their mark on Pittsburgh's religious landscape

Of all Pittsburgh’s immigrant groups, its Indian community has made the most visible imprint on the city’s diverse religious scene.

Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: Restaurant industry largest employer of immigrants in U.S., but not in Steel City

Pittsburgh dining spots are hurting for staff because of the city’s low immigration rate.

Welcome to our in-depth examination of Pittsburgh's recent immigrants -- the thousands of people from other countries who have flowed into the region over the past 40 years.

For the remainder of the year, there will be periodic reports examining many aspects of our immigrant influx, from their lives here in Pittsburgh to the endless debates in Washington D.C.

This month, a parallel project called "Odysseys" will be launched on the Post-Gazette's website, seeking to profile one person living in our region from each of the 193 countries that are members of the United Nations.

Together, these two projects will shine a light on the growing diversity of our region -- a rejuvenation that will become increasingly important in the years to come.