Ongoing work presents challenges for Mt. Lebanon High School students

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Attending classes during the renovation process has resulted in some challenges for Mt.Lebanon High School students.

Some of the students' observations:

Senior Natalie Turturro said noise disrupts class and interferes with extracurricular activities. Such inconveniences as blocked stairwells and roads cause problems inside and outside, she said. Parking is problematic, she added, and many of the students aren't too thrilled that construction is taking place during their time at the school, but they won't get to use the new facilities.

• Junior Kathryn Mellett suggested that because of construction, students should be given more time between classes to arrive on time. She said she has experienced lots of noise during classes.

• Sophomore Danielle Isenberg said her entire high school experience has taken place during the renovation, so she has accepted it as the norm.

• Junior Ben Smith spoke of some distractions in certain classes. "Other than that, it's just an annoyance between classes," he said. "The classrooms and lockers are getting moved around."

• Sophomore Anna d'Alesandro said fire drills have occurred when they weren't supposed to, and plenty of people's allergies have been acting up because of the dust. She thinks the construction makes the high school environment more stressful for incoming freshmen.

• Sophomore Sophie Engel called the situation "inconvenient because you have to take multiple stairwells to maneuver around the blocked-off areas."

• Junior Joseph Wilkinson said the project is "more of an annoyance, but you can still learn and function around it. If you focus, it isn't that bad."

• Junior Mira Shenouda said that "even though I won't be around to use the new school, I'm happy that all the teachers I know and respect will have even better facilities to help future generations of Mt. Lebanon students learn."

-- Harry Funk



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