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Proud to welcome new U.S. citizens

A great big thank you to the Post-Gazette for the article "This is Who I Am Now: An American Citizen" (July 3 Xtra).

Earlier in the week, I had watched the Ken Burns special on WQED about the Statue of Liberty.

I saw people welcoming immigrants and celebrating how their forebears came to the U.S. as immigrants -- some with no money and no connections.

As I watched this special (created in 1985), I wondered what has become of our nation in the past 25 years that we now are so unwelcoming to new arrivals.

I expressed these concerns to a wonderful young administrative assistant, Linda, at Peer Support and Advocacy Network Inc. Linda said, "You need to read the Post-Gazette article."

She was right!

It was wonderful to hear the stories of welcomed immigrants who work to welcome those who follow. This sounded so much more like the United States I've always been proud to belong to as a citizen.

Thank you for bringing these stories to the forefront and for making me, and I'm sure many other readers, proud of how we welcome new citizens!



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