A Top Ten list for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

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With Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl booked on CBS's "Late Show With David Letterman" tonight, here's a Post-Gazette Top Ten list of the perks of being a 26-year-old mayor of a major American city.

We asked for readers to offer some ideas. They appear after the PG's list.

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The PG list
10. Gets to buy 137 Ford Mustang patrol cars for the police department.

9. Replaces executive session meetings with Happy Hour at Deja Vu.

8. Auditions new aides on YouTube.

7. Begins formal city proclamations with the word "Dude . . . ."

6. American Eagle wardrobe cheaper than those Brooks Brothers suits.

5. Nixes City Council debates in favor of mosh pit.

4. That girl that stood me up from prom? No snow plowing on her street.

3. Threatens to shut down Heinz Field if Rooneys won't let him play quarterback.

2. Adopts new city slogan: "Come to Pittsburgh. Chicks get in free."

1. When he tells young people there are career opportunities in Pittsburgh, they believe him.

Your additions
No need for polling data, just count the friends on his MySpace page.
Speeds up the ballot process by letting voters use text messaging.
--Ryan Reed, former Pittsburgh resident, now San Francisco

Pirate Parrot, performs at his birthday party for free.
The building inspector visits anyone who makes Star Wars jokes about his first name.
--Jason and Heidi McDonald, Edgewood

Will no longer get carded in Pittsburgh bars.
--Sally Davis, Plum


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