Family Film Guide: 'King's Faith,' 'The Sapphires' and 'Mud'

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The Post-Gazette reviews movies from a family perspective:

'King's Faith'

Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Tweens and above.

What you should know: This is a faith-based drama about a young man who thinks he has found stability and an accommodating foster home, only to land in the news for saving a girl after a car accident. His old gang comes calling, bringing trouble, threats and temptation.

Language: Nothing notable.

Sexual situations and nudity: There is mention of an abortion. A few kisses are exchanged.

Violence/scary situations: A girl drives her car off the road and into a tree, and the vehicle catches fire, but she is rescued, escaping with only a broken arm. Two boys are seriously hurt by the gang; one lands in the hospital, and the other is viciously beaten and dumped on a lawn. A building is torched. A character uses a shovel as a weapon, a gun is brandished and a knife slashes someone's hand. There is mention of a police officer who was shot and killed at the side of the road in a crime that remains unsolved.

Drug or alcohol use: Drugs, from pills to heroin, are shown in small or large amounts.

'The Sapphires'

Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Mature tweens and older.

What you should know: This was inspired by a true story. It's about four aboriginal young women who leave Australia for Vietnam where they entertain American troops in 1968.

Language: The N-word is used, along with "Jesus Christ" and a few four-letter words.

Sexual situations and nudity: A man is shown in his underwear, and there's a fair amount of passionate kissing.

Violence/scary situations: An opening backgrounder explains aboriginals once were classified as part of Australia's "flora and fauna." Some children were, in fact, taken from their families and placed in government institutions, church missions or with white families, as is the case here. Women engage in fisticuffs and draw blood. Australians gather around a television to watch coverage of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The scariest scenes come in Vietnam when civilians and soldiers come under fire and watch others who are hurt or killed. Also, some scenes in a hospital ward show those who have been wounded and are missing limbs.

Drug or alcohol use: Lots of drinking, either from a flask, at parties or bars, or while passing the time in Vietnam.


Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Teens and up.

What you should know: Two 14-year-old Arkansas boys meet a man (Matthew McConaughey) hiding out on a Mississippi River island and decide to try to help him escape and reunite with his first love.

Language: A couple of uses of profanity and a dozen uses of the s-word with a few other mild four-letter words.

Sexual situations and nudity: A woman storms away from a sexual liaison with a man. Mr. McConaughey is shown shirtless in a few scenes.

Violence/scary situations: There is mention of a woman who was dropped down a flight of stairs and lost her baby. Someone talks about a snake bite, and another character is knocked out and bitten by a snake, with his leg starting to swell and his life draining away. Punches are thrown, a man threatens a woman with a knife, and a huge shootout leaves people injured or dead.

Drug or alcohol use: A scene is set in a bar where people are drinking. A character drowns his sorrows by drinking a bottle of hard liquor.



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