Zachary Quinto, other grads bring movie to CMU

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Oh, to have Zachary Quinto's frequent flier miles.

Somewhere between the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles and a movie-theater convention in Las Vegas and a trip to Australia to plunge into publicity for "Star Trek Into Darkness," the Carnegie Mellon University grad squeezed in a visit to campus with fellow alumni this week.

The former Green Tree resident along with Neal Dodson, Corey Moosa and Victor Quinaz were back at CMU to show a sneak preview of "Breakup at a Wedding" to students and others in McConomy Auditorium, pose for photos and reunite with instructors who greeted them with happy hugs.

The comedy, produced by Before the Door Pictures founded by the "Margin Call" team of Mr. Dodson, Mr. Moosa and Mr. Quinto, tells the story of a couple through the all-seeing lens of a wedding videographer played by director Quinaz. You can run but you cannot hide, especially when wearing wireless microphones.

Alison Fyhrie plays the bride who gets cold feet but decides to go through with the wedding to her fiance, played by co-writer Philip Quinaz (Victor's real-life brother).

The movie will be available across multiple platforms June 18 and likely enjoy a limited theatrical release, too, courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories. "Where you consume a movie is less important than that you consume a movie," Mr. Dodson said.

"Breakup at a Wedding" was shot in 11 days for less than $500,000 with JFK International Hotel in Queens serving as a key location. Mr. Dodson and the others, including Anna Martemucci, who co-wrote the screenplay and plays a small role, fielded questions from the audience.

"Unlike the Zachary Quintos and the Joe Manganiellos of the world, when you graduate from a conservatory like Carnegie Mellon and you're an actor, it's difficult. It doesn't just come to you," Mr. Moosa said.

"So you can spend 10 years in a place like New York City pounding the pavements and doing hundreds of these off-off-Broadway plays, which I did and my mom came to see some of them and that was a good audience. But it's out of your control. ...

"Opening a production company was actually the first step, I think for all of us, in some way, of putting our careers in our own control."

The movie didn't turn anyone off marriage, by the way.

"I got married five days after we wrapped shooting this movie," Mr. Dodson said, "and Victor and Anna got married three weeks later, in Rome, right after shooting this movie, so the neuroses of this bride and groom are fairly personal and come from a real place. They sort of threw it all into the movie in a real way."



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