Random Acts of Kindness / Pedicab provides transport, plus returns any lost items

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My husband went out for a night with his friends, and after a few hours at the Beer Market on the North Shore they decided to go to the casino.

Two of them took a pedicab over, and once they all arrived at the casino they promptly lost each other. It was only at 1:30 a.m., when my husband reached for his phone to call me, that he realized his phone was gone.

Heartbroken, he took a cab home and told me what happened. I thought it was worth a shot to text his phone to see if anyone found it. This morning I received a text from Levi at Green Gears Pedicabs saying that he found it and we could come get it when he got off work!

I still can't believe it. What a wonderful man. I was sure my husband's phone was gone forever!



Young motorist made certain lost driver got to cemetery

My niece and I were going to a graveside service at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Cecil, and I thought we had everything covered to get there.

We had a GPS and a road map, and I had an atlas of all the roads in Pennsylvania. We left early so we wouldn't be late, but circumstances ended up fooling us because of all the detours.

We drove around for a while, and I knew we were going in the wrong direction, heading east instead of west. We saw a car parked on a side road, and we stopped and asked for directions.

The young man said, "Follow me," and we drove until we made it to the cemetery entrance and thanked him. We were 15 minutes late, but we were saved by the fact that the hearse only pulled in 10 minutes later. We saw the whole service due to the help of this young man. We'd like to thank him very much, whoever he is.



Caring couple stopped to help people shaken by car accident

On a rainy Thursday night, Aug. 22, I was involved in a car accident in Carrick. Thank goodness, no one in either vehicle was injured -- just a little shaken up.

A couple in a car passing by witnessed the accident and stopped to park their car. They helped a passenger out of my car and allowed her to sit in their car to stay dry and calm down while I spoke with police. Although my car was damaged, I was able to drive it home.

Not only did this couple give me their names and phone numbers as witnesses, but also, they followed me home to make sure I was safe and offered to take me anywhere I needed to go on the weekend.

Thank you, Steven and Shelly, for your kindness.


Baldwin Borough

Woman pulled birthday switch by offering a gift to a stranger

I look forward to reading the Random Acts of Kindness, and now I have one to share.

On a Friday evening, Sept. 6, my husband and I were grocery shopping at the Giant Eagle in Monroeville when two women approached me.

One of them began to tell me it was her birthday and that she wanted to do something nice for someone, so she was giving me a $25 gift card to Giant Eagle. I thought she was joking, but she was not. It's her birthday, and she's giving me a gift card -- how nice!

We thanked her, gave her a hug and wished her a happy birthday. I still can't believe this happened to me. Thank you again, birthday lady!



Trip to mom's nursing home saved by savvy man crawling under a car

I was on my way to visit my mom in a nursing home on July 29 when a strange noise suddenly started coming out of my car. I pulled over and started looking for my cellphone to call AAA.

I was thinking of having the car towed to the dealership.

Instead, an angel who was driving behind me came to my aid. He was driving a dark Honda, and he knew exactly what the problem was.

He got underneath my car and pulled out a part which was causing such an awful noise. He handed me the part and told me I didn't have to replace it.

I offered him all the cash I had that day, but he would not take it. He just said, "Pay it forward." His kindness touched me so much I was close to tears. Pat saved me a lot of hassle, not to mention money, and because of his kindness I was able to visit my mom that day. I wish him a long and wonderful life.


Highland Park

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