Random Act of Kindness: Cemetery plots made much prettier by someone planting for everyone

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Cemetery plots made much prettier by someone planting for everyone

If there were a photo dictionary of phrases, you would find my friend Debbie's photo next to the entry for "random acts of kindness."

She often and lovingly performs such acts, so it was no surprise that she would be in the cemetery at Hiland Presbyterian Church in the North Hills early on a June Saturday quietly planting flowers on the graves of her departed in-laws.

Having purchased lots of flowers, Debbie moved on to plant them for other dear friends from church who were also laid to rest in the cemetery. Then, having more flowers, she moved on to folks who were unknown to her, and she planted the remaining flowers.

At each planting she had a "conversation" and prayed for each person and their family. When the families of these dear departed visit the cemetery, they will see the beautiful flowers and know that their family or friends were lovingly cared for by Debbie -- a beautiful example of performing random acts of kindness.



Same honesty shown for wallet lost at casino as anywhere else

My wife, brother and I attended a Pirates game in late June and watched a great group of ballplayers come from behind.

After the game was over, we went to the Rivers Casino seeking to make our night more enjoyable. Shortly after midnight, we left the casino and caught the trolley back toward home. When it came time to show the conductor our passes, however, I realized disaster had struck. My wallet was gone.

When we got home, we did all of the things that take place when you lose your wallet. We made calls to cancel credit cards and bank cards and made plans to try to replace my driver's license, Social Security card and various other IDs. It left a night without too much sleep.

At 8 a.m., I was out of bed and made my first call down to the Rivers Casino. When I talked with Peter from the security staff, he asked my name. I gave him some dumb comment along with the name, and he advised me that the wallet -- along with all the money in it -- had been turned in and was waiting for me at the casino.

It reminded me that Pittsburgh, the organizations within it and all of the people that grow up in this area have wonderful things called honesty and integrity.



Bus rider went out of his way to return valuable documents

While riding a PAT bus recently, I removed a magazine from my tote bag.

Anxious to finish reading an article, I did not notice that a folder containing important data fell to the floor. Fortunately, a good Samaritan retrieved it after I exited.

Realizing the importance of the papers, he phoned my work place and offered to bring the folder later that morning. When he arrived, I thanked and praised him for being so thoughtful and gracious. He answered by saying: "God has been good to me, so I try to do good."

Thanks again, Kenny. It is people like you who make Pittsburgh the "most livable city" and "city of champions."



They didn't have to replace phone because stranger dropped it at store

My son asked me to pick him up at the Millvale Boathouse on the Fourth of July after being Downtown for all the festivities. He had lost contact with his friends there and had no ride home.

When we got to my home, he realized he had lost his cell phone. After suspending the service, we were planning to go to the Verizon store the next day to get another phone. That morning, however, I received a call from the store saying someone had already turned in his phone to the store on McKnight Road!

Thanks so much to the kind and special person who went out of their way to make sure it was in proper hands.




Has someone done you right? Send your Random Act of Kindness to page2@post-gazette.com, or write to Portfolio, Post-Gazette, 34 Blvd. of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. First Published August 1, 2013 4:00 AM


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