Random Acts of Kindness: Young man loaded heavy bags and earned lavish praise for it

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Is chivalry dead? Do we still care and help others?

Yesterday I was getting ready to load into my van nine 40-pound bags of gardening supplies that I had bought from Lowe's in Findlay.

This young man saw my gray hair and came over to assist me in loading my material without fanfare. I thought that he was a Lowe's employee, but as soon as the task was finished he went to his car and drove away. I was startled, to say the least.

You hear so much about how rude and selfish the younger generation is, but here was a bona fide gentleman -- caring and compassionate. If the person who did this act of kindness should read this, then I say, "Thank you again." You made me feel proud of you.


McKees Rocks

Crisis of flat tire in tough spot was made a lot easier by Brian

I was on my way home from work on March 22, and as I made a left turn to go onto East Ohio Street I ran over a large piece of cement that was on the road.

I got to the light, and my car's dashboard panel said low tire ... low tire ... flat tire. I immediately turned off the road to a safe area because my only other option was to continue onto Route 28, where all the construction is, and we all know what a nightmare that would be -- 3 p.m. traffic on a Friday, and me with a flat tire.

I called for roadside assistance, and since I am not from that area it was a nightmare trying to tell the call center exactly where I was located. Finally I got through to them, and they said it would be approximately a one-hour wait.

Suddenly a young man pulled over and asked if he could help change my tire. I told him I had already called for roadside assistance and they were sending someone out. He said there was no need to wait, that it would only take him about 10 minutes to change my tire.

I canceled the roadside assistance call as he began changing my tire. After he was done he made me promise that I would drive directly to get a new tire, since the one he put on my Jeep was only a donut, or temporary tire. I thanked him for helping me and tried to pay him for his act of kindness, and he said he didn't want anything but for me to give the money to someone or donate it or pay it forward.

I just started to cry. It is so glorious to know there are people out there like Brian who would do this for a total stranger. I wish there were more Brians in the world. Thank you, Brian.


Natrona Heights

Necklace left behind in store was honestly returned to her

On March 15 I was shopping at Macy's at South Hills Village in the ladies department.

Since I was wearing a necklace that got in the way of pulling clothing off and on over my head, I took it off and placed it on the chair holding my coat. I finished, selected my purchases and went on my way.

Not until I arrived home did I miss my necklace, realizing I'd left it behind. I called Macy's right away. I was told some very kind and honest person had turned it in. I want to send my grateful thank you. Only in Pittsburgh!


Mt. Lebanon

A surprise restaurant treat helped her before surgery

I was having lunch at the Eat'n Park on Clairton Boulevard in January after having pre-op work done, as I was scheduled for surgery in a few days.

I asked my server for my check, and she told me it was paid for by someone who had already left the restaurant. I don't know who you are, but I hope you read this. I wish I could have thanked you in person to let you know how much you lifted the spirits of an old lady and how special you are.

Thank you for your kindness. I will pay it forward.




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