Random Act of Kindness: Lottery winner wanted to give a fellow player a share

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A lucky lottery winner wanted to give a fellow player a share

On a recent stop at the Shop 'n Save on Rochester Road in the North Hills, I was looking at the instant lottery machine as I entered the store.

A male voice said, "Don't do it -- save your money." Thinking it was someone I knew, I turned and, surprisingly, it was a total stranger. After exchanging lottery stories, the gentleman put his money in the machine. I said, "Good luck, I hope you hit a big one."

I walked down the supermarket aisle. The next thing I knew the gentleman I had talked to was behind me. He handed me a $20 bill and said, "Buy yourself some lottery tickets -- I just won $500."

I was so stunned that I think I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I really don't think I even said "Thank you." So dear sir from the Shop 'n Save, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your random act of kindness.



Talented fellow restaurant patron helped provide a special birthday

My girlfriend took me to the Pizzeria Uno at the Waterfront recently to celebrate my birthday.

We were sitting at the bar enjoying our dinner and a glass of wine, and everyone around us was giving me birthday wishes.

A nice gentleman was sitting in a booth behind us with two lady friends. He overheard us saying it was my birthday, and he offered us a piece of homemade almond torte cake. He said he bakes cakes and cookies and is known as "The Cookie Man."

The Cookie Man makes the most delicious almond torte cake, plus he is a singer. He asked me my name and sang me "Happy Birthday" as my girlfriend and I left the bar.

Thanks, Cookie Man, for making my birthday so special. You certainly have fabulous talents and added sparkle to our festivities.


West Mifflin

Elderly man received tire help on frigid day

When the temperature was in the single digits recently with a below-zero wind chill, my dad headed to Home Depot at Village Square. Upon leaving the parking lot, he realized he had a flat tire.

Too stubborn to carry a cellphone, my dad proceeded to get down on the ground and change his tire. Although he is a healthy 82-year-old man, he has bad knees.

One man came by and apologized for not being able to help, because he had to be somewhere, but he tried to offer his AAA membership card and then realized that wouldn't work.

Next came Paul, who braved the cold and repositioned the jack and changed my dad's tire. When my dad told me his experience, I knew I had to write in to thank Paul. I hope he reads this so he knows how very grateful I am.


Bethel Park

His lost Medicare card was well taken care of

This is long overdue. Last summer, after a trip to Gus the ice-ball man on the North Side, I discovered after coming home that my Medicare card was missing.

Frantically, I searched all of my pockets and looked throughout and under the car numerous times while saying a litany of prayers to St. Anthony, patron saint of hopeless causes.

After mentally retracing my steps, I concluded it must have fallen out of my pants pocket as I sat on a bench on the North Side enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the best ice ball in the world. I immediately headed back to Gus' stand. It was late at night, and Gus had already gone home. I looked everywhere but could not find the card.

That night, I could hardly sleep as visions of identity theft and fraud raced through my mind. The next day I headed back, and sure enough, Gus had it! Another customer had found the card on the ground and given it to Gus in case the owner came along.

Thank God and St. Anthony for honest people like Gus and the stranger that found my Medicare card.


Bethel Park


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