Random Acts of Kindness: Bicyclist is grateful for help after taking bad spill in city

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I'm one of the lucky bicyclists. In great contrast to the recent stories of fatal hit-and-runs and the South Side attack on a bicyclist in our city, when I was in an accident about three weeks ago drivers nearby went all hands on deck.

It was 8:15 p.m., dark on a Thursday, when I was traveling on my bike along Forbes Avenue from Squirrel Hill toward Wilkinsburg. At Dallas Avenue, a woman driving a car opposite me turned left into my lane -- not having seen me coming down the hill.

My swerve sent me flying into the intersection, and I may have even clipped the back of the woman's car with my shoulder. She immediately got out of her car and stayed at the scene for perhaps a half-hour until police arrived and an ambulance took me to Presby.

Another man stopped his car and directed traffic around me as I laid on the concrete. When someone heeded my request to call my mother to the scene and she arrived, shaken, a stranger offered to move her car and comforted her.

A brain surgeon driving by rushed to my side and did an assessment of any cognitive injuries. He and yet another man braced my neck and spine so I could safely stand and walk to a bench, and they monitored my eye movement and physical stability. They, too, stayed with me until I was under the care of the ambulance paramedics.

It was an unbelievable choreography of kindness, and I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone involved. All these people whose names I will never know did the most wonderful service for me to prevent what could have been a far worse outcome. That night, they started my healing seconds after I landed.



She was so distraught in store until realizing honesty endures

Two weeks ago I was shopping at the Centre Avenue Giant Eagle. When I got to the cash register, I discovered that I did not have my wallet in my purse.

I had no money to purchase the food. I thought that maybe my wallet fell out in my car, but it wasn't there. I called my husband to see if I had left my wallet at home, but I had not.

I felt really upset, thinking the worst about money taken, as well as credit cards and other personal information. I went to the manager at the Giant Eagle. By that point I was in tears.

She had me sit down, and she gave me a bottle of water. I couldn't imagine anyone returning my wallet with everything still in it. The manager checked, however, and told me that a "nice young man" had returned the wallet. They had announced my name on the loudspeaker, but I had not heard my name being called.

I was surprised and relieved that everything was still in the wallet. There are good people out there. My thanks to this gentleman.


Squirrel Hill

Well-dressed man took risk so others could drive safely

I saw a "hero of the day" while driving home on Interstate 279 North during Friday evening rush hour, just north of the Camp Horne exit.

A huge tire that had evidently blown off a semi was sitting smack in the middle of the left lane of the highway. A dark blue pickup truck stopped in the left lane and a man got out, though he was in danger of being hit.

The driver dragged the tire to the side of the road. He was dressed in a shirt and tie. He got back in his car and continued his commute home, and he may have saved a life!




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