Random Acts of Kindness: The rain posed no problem, thanks to Enrico's umbrella

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The rain posed no problem, thanks to Enrico's umbrella

My husband and I had just finished having lunch in the Strip District on a Wednesday last month. My brother, visiting from Arkansas, was also with us.

As we were trying to recall exactly where we had parked the car, the heavy rains came down upon us.

A man heard us talking and gave his large umbrella to us. He said we should use it to keep us dry while we searched for our car, and we could return it to him once we were all in the car and leaving the Strip District.

We could not believe our good luck to have this absolute stranger be so kind to us. We then found our car and drove to the spot where the nice man had given up his umbrella.

He smiled when he saw us, and as I returned the umbrella, I asked him what his name was. He replied "Enrico." Of course, he was standing in front of the Enrico Biscotti Co.

Pittsburgh has a reputation for being a friendly city, and I say thank you to Enrico for proving this with his kindness. I live in "the Burgh," and I am very proud that I do.


North Hills

She fell at right place and time, near some off-duty firefighters

As I was walking my dog on Gates Drives, I fell over a loose concrete section on the street.

A pickup truck stopped, and a Pittsburgh city fireman got out to help me. My injuries were obvious, and Jeff said I needed emergency care.

Another truck stopped, and that driver also came to my aid. He was also a city of Pittsburgh fireman, named Mike. Both firefighters offered aid, explaining they had some medical training.

My experience let the two of them demonstrate their capabilities, and these two men exemplify the excellent quality of Pittsburgh firefighters. I don't know their full names, but I just wanted to thank them both for their kind attention and assistance.



Family with special needs child received a surprise in restaurant

My girlfriend and I decided to stop on a recent Sunday morning at Eat'n Park on Banksville Road with our son Tino for a late breakfast.

Tino is a happy, outgoing 3-year-old and has cerebral palsy, which can sometimes make eating out an interesting endeavor. On occasion, maybe the server is uncomfortable, or some of the other guests may decide it's OK to stare.

This was not one of those occasions. On this day, our server was extremely receptive to our boy, the hostess made sure we were comfortable and everyone who was staring did so only to share a smile with us and Tino.

After enjoying our meal and a Smiley Cookie or two, we were approached by our waitress with a treat bag for our son. She informed us that someone in the restaurant had picked up our tab before they left. We were stunned that someone did this and didn't even want a thank you.

We would like that person to know that their act of kindness meant more to us than they probably knew.



A car struck and injured her hip, but plenty of help bolstered her

I parked my car and was on my way to Kuhn's at North Hills Village Shopping Center to shop for groceries when I was hit by a car backing out of a parking spot. The result was a fractured hip.

In shock and unable to think straight, I was unable to thank everyone who came to my rescue. One person called 911, another provided an umbrella, another provided a blanket, and one person knelt down so I could lean on her for comfort.

My sincere thanks to all you good, caring people, also including the gentleman who stopped in his car, the police officer, paramedics and store manager. God bless you and keep you safe.


Ben Avon


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