Random Acts of Kindness: How the flying hubcap got back

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He showed special concern in getting her hubcap back

As a full-time caregiver for my husband who is at home on hospice care, I am not able to get out very often.

Recently, through the kindness of a hospice volunteer who came to stay with him, I was able to get out to accomplish a long list of errands. While driving down Bower Hill Road, approaching the busy intersection of Cochran Road, a man in the car ahead of me stopped and jumped out. He knocked on my window and told me that several blocks back, he saw my hubcap come off and fly into a nearby yard.

After thanking him, I mentioned that I was on a tight schedule and wasn't sure I could find it. That dear man then said, "I will go back and get it and leave it at this corner, so you can come back and pick it up when you have time to do so."

After making a necessary bank transaction and returning overdue library books, I went back and there it was. Due to the heavy traffic, I parked in a close-by driveway to retrieve the hubcap.

All I can say is thank you to the wonderful, kind man, thank you to the dedicated hospice volunteer, and thank you to whoever owns the driveway I pulled into. This was a true act of kindness during a difficult time.


Mt. Lebanon

Nasty cash theft led to some inspired aid

I am writing this at the request of my father. Recently our family put my mother to her final resting place, and the next day some low-life in my father's senior living establishment took it upon himself to steal the money in his cash box there.

This scares us to no end, because after three investigations nothing was resolved.

Now for the kindness: My daughter was telling this story at her place of employment, and her co-workers took up a collection. With added contributions from her in-laws and sibling, she presented Dad with a card and the result of their kind thoughtfulness.

He was and is still amazed that such good people try to undo ugliness that exists. This is his way of saying thank you to all that helped.


Pleasant Hills

A lost, wandering driver was taken the right way

I left my home on a Sunday last month to attend a memorial service held by a hospice organization.

Unfortunately, a friend had given me incorrect directions, and I found myself at the wrong end of Greentree Road. I was totally lost, and there were no shops, no garages, no pedestrians and no other cars that would provide a way for me to get help.

I chose a dead end to turn around and was noticed by an alert black dog that barked loudly. A lovely woman came out to see what was upsetting her dog, and after hearing my story, she rushed inside, grabbed her car keys and said, "Follow me!"

She not only guided me to Greentree Road but went the entire way to the other end, took two lefts and pulled up to where a large notice indicated that my destination was only 100 yards away. When I thanked her, she said simply, "I lost my mother recently and know exactly how you feel."

I shall never forget Michelle's kindness.


Point Breeze

Her purse was rescued by an anonymous hero

Early on a Sunday morning, I shopped at the Giant Eagle at Settlers Ridge in Robinson. On my way home, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have my purse.

The only place my purse could be was in the top shelf of the shopping cart, but when I returned to the store, the cart was no longer where I had left it in the parking lot. Inside, I saw my purse on a shelf behind the counter of the service department. The employee there did not know who returned my purse, but everything was inside.

My grateful thanks to that store employee or fellow shopper who found it and was so nice and honest.



neigh_city - intelligencer - neigh_south

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