Gov. Tom Wolf speaks during a budget briefing for reporters at his official residence in Harrisburg in October.
Marc Levy/Associated Press
Gov. Tom Wolf speaks during a budget briefing for reporters at his official residence in Harrisburg in October.

Budget blather: Wolf and lawmakers must end it this week

It’s been nearly three weeks since Gov. Wolf and Republican leaders said they’d worked out a “framework” for the overdue 2015-16 budget.

Climate for change: The U.N. conference must produce a global plan

Terrorism is an urgent global threat. The effects of human-made climate change are longer-term, but are no less dire.

Parking patience: The North Shore will get much-needed new spaces

Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement. That old mantra should apply to the proposal that’s moving along for a 798-space garage.

Work-zone threat: It’s time that speeders faced stiffer penalties

Eighty-five people have died in state work zones over the past decade, many after being struck by a speeding vehicle.

Louisiana’s lesson: A once-favored political powerhouse goes down

The victory of Democrat John Bel Edwards over Republican David Vitter in Louisiana’s gubernatorial election poses a few intriguing thoughts.


David Shribman

David M. Shribman: More Reagan than Reagan

Republican Gov. Meldrim Thomson Jr. of New Hampshire served up his devoutly conservative view of the world -- along with his own pancakes.


Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: The Clemente touch lures Cuban boxers to Pittsburgh

The brainchild of Mike Diven from Brookline, Cubans will meet local boxers for friendly competition on the Clemente Bridge in July.


Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Trump's dark carnival of lies and vulgarity

Mr. Trump’s relationship to facts has always been tenuous. He recently “recalled” seeing Muslims in New Jersey support the 9/11 attacks.


Reg Henry

Reg Henry: Nothing to fear except fearful common sense

Common sense suggests we defeat Islamic terrorism with the help of decent Muslims who want to be our friends.


Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson: You have to laugh

Or our politics and foreign policies will make you cry.


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly: Good guys with guns

Mass shootings almost always end with shooters getting shot.


Ruth Ann Dailey

Ruth Ann Dailey: Refugees need compassion; Americans deserve respect

Our fear is not hysterical. It is completely rational. Rhetoric that asserts the contrary is not only illogical, it is bullying.