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NRA says Obama trying to keep incapacitated Social Security recipients from buying guns

The NRA says beneficiaries who lack capacity to manage their affairs are targets for the “largest gun grab in American history.”

Judge says she did not involuntarily commit theater gunman in La. shootings

Despite mental issues that spurred court-ordered hospital evaluation, shooter wasn’t involuntarily committed and thus was able to buy a gun.



Turkey vows to strike anyone killing civilians in planned free zone

The United States and Turkey are still working out exactly what they mean in intending to create a “safe zone” for civilians inside Syria.

U.S. private sector vows to ante up on climate finance

Thirteen major firms offer billions in environmental financing pledges to support Obama administration’s global climate change agreement.



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If this little piggy gets too big, it’s bad

When this little piggy gets too big to be a pet, problems arise.

Boys got a harsh, useful lesson about what sells

Harsh but helpful lesson never forgotten by boy with a useless magazine stand.


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Breakfast sausage: 5 stories to read today

A mailer from Citizens to Protect PA Jobs, a group owned by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. 1) Curious about

Breakfast sausage: 5 stories to read today

1) In just under two weeks, the Republicans will hold the first of the party's 2016 presidential debates. As we've discussed