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Obituary: Richard Wolk / Innovative pioneer in advertising

Richard Wolk specialized in selling advertising packages for local television stations before starting his own media-buying firm, RJW Media.

Obituary: Michael Krak / Selfless pediatrician who served his community

The native Pittsburgher, who practiced served his community for over 40 years, helped the polio vaccine trials organized by Jonas Salk.

Obituary: The Rev. Albert W. Bowe Sr. / Pastor who was full of joy

The Rev. Albert Bowe, Sr. loved to sing and serve his church.



Google agrees to add railroad crossings to online maps

Crashes and deaths rose at rail crossings last year, reversing a long trend of decreases.

Escaped convicts planned to go to Mexico, Cuomo says

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that two killed or captured escaped murderers had intended first to go to Mexico.



Greeks in Pittsburgh worry about economic situation back home

Banks in Greece stayed closed Monday, announcing they would limit people to withdrawals of just 60 Euro -- $67.40 -- per day from ATMs.

Greece’s Tsipras defiant amid closed banks, curbs

Greece’s prime minister says on television that European leaders wouldn’t dare throw his debt-ridden country out of the eurozone.



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