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 Writer Wes Craven died in his Los Angeles home of brain cancer. He was 76.
Lucas Jackson/Reuters
Writer Wes Craven died in his Los Angeles home of brain cancer. He was 76.

Obituary: Wes Craven / ‘Scream’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ director

The versatile filmmaker also wrote and produced features, directed for television and wrote novels.

Obituary: Paul G. Dacey / A fixture at PNC Park’s Lexus Club

Mr. Dacey, 83, of Brookline died Wednesday at St. Clair Hospital of congestive heart failure.

National news obituaries

Marvin Mandel, governor who fell from grace; Oliver Sacks, neurologist; Nelson Shanks, painter of presidents and royalty

Obituary: David A. Page / Business professor who valued historic preservation

Mr. Page, a Harvard Ph.D. who taught at Robert Morris University for decades, founded Regional Resources to protect historic buildings.


National news obituaries

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Outbound Parkway West overnight closures begin tonight

Through Wednesday, outbound closures begin at 9 p.m. from the Fort Pitt Tunnel to I-79 with inbound single-lane traffic in the same area.

Parkway West reopens after construction finishes for weekend

But there’s more construction coming this week.



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