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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Goodfellows Fund collected more than $190,000 this season to benefit the Marine Corps Toys for Tots and Salvation Army Treasures for Children programs.

To the more than 2,400 people who donated, we extend our deepest gratitude and wishes for a joyous and peaceful 2014.

Today's total: $18,155

Final total: $190,658.31

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 95 $1,075

In honor of Sam and Molly Nicotra $1,000

The Wilding family $1,000

Anonymous $500

Brad King $500

Dagostino Electronic Services Inc. $500

In honor of Helen and Edward DeLisio $500

Michael J. Accetta $395

Hopewell Area School District.$375

Dave Duncan $350

Jane Treese $350

Wesley Yang $350

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Echement $300

Power Track International....$300

Mark Johnson and Associates $260

Anonymous $250

Anonymous $250

Art and Sheila Harding........$250

In honor of TJ $250

Anonymous $200

Anonymous $200

Coyle family $200

In honor of Kay, Andrew, Margaret and Caroline From Omi and Bubble $200

In memory of Jim and Jane Hosey $200

Patrick McGuigan $200

In memory of Frances, Peter and William Magnotti $150

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $100

Anthony Bruno $100

Anthony Gaetano $100

Arthur and Martha Antonella .100

Ben and Nick Madison........$100

Carl and Ruth Swanson and Wm. Bollinger families $100

Cheryl George $100

D.A. Danylo Inc. $100

Diane and Jerry Holder........$100

Drs. Anil and Nalina Prabhu$100

Gautam and Prachi Patel....$100

I. Dean $100

In memory of Chuck and Selma $100

In memory of Kevin Koeberle $100

In memory of Kevin R. McCollum $100

In memory of Kevin Rayman $100

In memory of Kevin Rayman $100

In memory of Marlene T. from Al T. ...$100

In memory of our late nephew Kevin Rayman $100

In memory of Rachel Saylor$100

Lawrence and Pamela Brown $100

Lawrence Dorenkamp.........$100

Lena and JuJu $100

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Siewiorek..$100

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rush.......$100

Robert Campedel $100

Ronald Amati $100

Rose Mary Gross $100

Sam and Sandy Sunseri.....$100

Sandra Williamson..............$100

Scott and Diane Redman....$100

In memory of Kenneth Doak.$98

Tucker Yasko $80

Crit and Nancy Baker $75

In memory of Marcella Preffer Driscoll $75

Anne and John Gentry $50

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $50

Artz family $50

Charlie Brown's Airport Parking.$50

Debbi Klein $50

Garland and Davis children $50

Ginny Hudak $50

In honor of St. Jude $50

In memory of Beaty and Peggy.$50

In memory of Corrine Kehl $50

In memory of David $50

In memory of Helen Vitale $50

In memory of Hi and Vera Howard $50

In memory of Joseph W. Rowland $50

In memory of Kevin Koeberle$50

In memory of Lance $50

In memory of Lucille Gallagher Risbin $50

In memory of Mary Lou Boyd$50

J. Danchisko $50

James H. Glenn $50

James J. George $50

Jeffrey Koczka $50

Jim and Corinne Powell $50

John and Judy Verbanic $50

Kathy Wertz $50

Katz family $50

Ken, Liz, Alec and Lucy Perkins$50

Liebrock family $50

Lydia Balogh $50

Mary Lou Schwartz $50

Nan Norris $50

Nicole Colberg $50

Paul and Kathie Scopel $50

Paul G. Dobias $50

Ralph Amedick Jr. $50

Robert and Georgia Grant $50

Ross Jennings $50

The Della Valles $50

The DeRiso family $50

The Wetzel family $50

Tom and Anna Mae Garbe in memory of our parents $50

Vera Walters $50

Weldon Doran $50

In memory of Henry Simon $33

In memory of Robert Milochick.$33

Anonymous $30

Brandon and Danny Salvati $30

Connor, Payton and Will Cheatwood $30

In memory of Jerry from Andy, Adam and Geraldine $30

Jack, Scotlyn, Maggie Paxton.$30

James T. Hathaway $30

Janet Turocy $30

Ms. Rosemary Coffey $30

Albert Ertl $25

Anna Kirsch in memory of Theresa Kirsch $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $25

Antoinette Weston $25

Barbara Waldron $25

Bill Reardon $25

Carol Anden $25

Charlotte Episcopo $25

Clare and Gary Torso $25

Denise, Justin and Alexis and two goofy dogs $25

Dona Waldron $25

Donald Smith $25

Doris Farmer $25

Dr. and Mrs. S.L. Kondis $25

Elisa Liang $25

Fred Orlansky In memory of Liz Evans and Rhenny $25

Fred Sniezek $25

God bless Goodfellows $25

Harry Berdik $25

Helen Reder $25

In loving memory of Kenneth Whitfield $25

In loving memory of Ruth Ann and Bob Tobin $25

In memory of Dick Pavelick $25

In memory of Donald G. Kunkel$25

In memory of Elvera and Nick D'Angelo $25

In memory of Flora Berry $25

In memory of Kevin McCollum..$25

In memory of Lori McCartney$25

Jack and Marlene Montgomery$25

Jim Imhof $25

John and Lorraine Ryan $25

John W. Heide Jr. $25

Kay DelBianco $25

Ken and Jill Nolan $25

Ken Lang $25

Kimerle Viccaro $25

Lance Pascuzzi $25

Leo and Deb Ehland $25

Leonard and Eileen Laabs $25

Linda Hearn $25

Michael Rosol $25

Mickey and Eileen Cane $25

Mike and Deb Wallace $25

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Mathews Jr.$25

Peggy Ann Precopio $25

Peter Ennis $25

Stephen J. Gigliotti $25

The Princess and the Mouse$25

Anonymous $20

Anonymous $20

DK $20

For Dylan, Chelsey and Jace $20

George and Mary Ann $20

In memory of Beatrice Carpe$20

In memory of my loving parents - Don and Louise Shepherd $20

Josephine Harding $20

Lori Matz $20

Michael Mirchich $20

Patricia J. Cover $20

In honor of Kirstin, Gage and Sam Pine $16

Anonymous $15

Chuck Jenkins $15

Marcia Scott $15

Mary Stewart $15

Steven Suchan, Mary Weisenburger $15

Ann Hoover $10

Ann Perhacs $10

Anonymous $10

Howard Crawford $10

Merry Christmas and God's blessings upon you! $10

Rocketts remember Maureen McClosky $10

Anonymous $5

Anonymous $5

Jack Wysseier $5

Melissa C. Dorsette $5

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