PG readers' coverage of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Images from Pittsburgh sets of Christopher Nolan's third Batman film

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Print Email Read Later readers are invited to send images from the set of "The Dark Knight Rises" to for publication on the website. Here are links and images from the first week of shooting, with the most recent at the top:

Batman comic-book legend meets Batman film director/co-writer Aug. 19 at the ToonSeum on Liberty Avenue, Downtown: from left, Post-Gazette editorial catoonist Rob Rogers; Jerry Robinson, part of the DC Comics team that created The Joker; "The Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan; and ToonSeum exec director Joe Wos.

"The Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan (left) stopped into S.W. Randall's Downtown toy store on Smithfield Street and posed for a picture with one of the store managers, Mac Eardley. Daniel Smith snapped the image:

Bochy Fu strolled the perimeter of the Downtown shooting area Saturday and sents images of what appears to be a caped Batman stand-in, near Seventh and Liberty avenues; two Tumbler vehicles and a military truck near Montour Way and Liberty; and all three Tumblers and the truck pulled up at the same intersection before filming wrapped, at around 7:45 p.m.

A Gotham City cement truck on the South Side on Aug. 17, courtesy of Barry Rideout. Is a "Dark Knight Rises" character being fitted for cement boots?:

Returning the truck to the Station Square lot after filming a scene on First Street at Carson Street:

Here's what Wes Wyzykowski spied as he took a Downtown stroll after catching the Sunday Pittsburgh CLO show of "Jesus Christ Superstar":

Read about Teddy Duvall's exploits at the Heinz Field film shoot at


Katy Vraney captured some close-up images of the Batman "winged" vehicle and others from the Downtown set.

Check out the "Dark Knight Rises' " John Blake - Joseph Gordon-Levitt - taking a walk along Wood Street with cameras rolling, posted at The Huffington Post:

This image, sent by Bochy Fu, is inside the Steel Plaza T station, renamed East 14th Street for this scene, which had extras in police uniforms and "civilian suits" taking turns going up and down the stairs and back and forth on the platform.

Joseph Reinheimer and Rebecca L. Thompson were among the many denizens of Downtown who had his camera at the ready as he walked past streets covered in fake snow for the filming of "The Dark Knight Rises" on Oliver Street and inside Trinity Cathedral Downtown.

A Batman vehicle called a Tumbler and a school bus with a sign that said "St. Swithin's Home for Boys" were parked along Smithfield Street, which also had a dusting of fabricated snow for the film shoot.

Outside Trinity Cathedral along Fifth Avenue, a uniformed security guard stood watch over what appeared to be a wardrobe rack, and a door sign read "Magnus Rex Restroom," using the alias for the "Dark Knight Rises" title.

The cathedral's website had a note that said: "BATMAN GOES TO CHURCH - The latest Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie is currently filming in Pittsburgh. Trinity Cathedral is among the many Pittsburgh locations selected for filming. Specifically, the crew will shoot scenes in our choir room and fellowship hall. None of our worship spaces will be filmed."

Nicole Talak sends these images from the "Dark Knight Rises" shoot along Oliver Avenue the morning of Aug. 10:

Carmen Gingerella sends this first image of a snowy Downtown street in "Gotham," taken from the US Steel Tower:

Hines Ward and the Batmobile, courtesy of Shana Kraynak, PhD Candidate, Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania:

Video of Death Cab for Cutie performing "Batman" TV theme at Stage AE. Courtesy of Justin Routh.

A look at transforming Heinz Field into the home of the Gotham Rogues, courtesy of Ryan Chesterman:

From Sriram Vijayraghavan, graduate student, University of Pittsburgh:

Check out Zeb Golomb's images of a Batmobile taken in Oakland Sunday.


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