The time has come: Xante to report for duty to the Seeing Eye

Mom and I heard an old song on the radio the other day that really gave me "paws." Not like I needed help with that.

Yet somehow, music has a way of scratching behind the ears of all creatures. Kitty cats will purr; doggies will just go silent.

The song -- I think it's by a group called the Three "Dog-rees" from the 1970s -- is called "When Will I See 'Chew' Again?" Don't remember it? This will help.

As I listened, I wagged ... but very slowly.

The tune reminded me that this young newshound soon has to make some headlines and has to unleash the word about his future. Yes, I knew the time had come for me to tell my wag-a-muffins my "tail."

So here goes:

I've been called to active duty.

Xante -- da Man o' Steel, the Pee-Gee Pup, he of the Bark and Gold -- will be reporting July 6 to The Seeing Eye in Morristown, N.J.

My last day at the Pee-Gee will be Thursday, June 30. And yes, we're going to party in the office before I go! We'll do video and pics!

Reporting for duty is my way of doing what so many of your sons and daughters have had to do when they get the call. While they are protecting our country's freedom, I'll be providing freedom to someone who cannot see.

And doggone it, that is an important job, one I can't wait to sink my teeth into . . . so to bark ... I mean, speak.

It's true . . . I will miss my mom. She is the best! And oh, my wag-a-muffins! How I'll miss chew! I've been blessed with good friends from all over, from states such as Woof Virginia, Massa-chew-setts and New Bark.

I'll miss having the run of the office, too. My "collie-agues" at the Pee-Gee have been grrr-eat friends and have helped me grow. And they've forgiven me for my little trans-grrr-essions. Hey, mom, remember that time I tinkled in the advertising department?


So don't feel gnaw-ful over me being unleashed. I'm a grown-up pup now. Hang onto the memories. How about the time I told chew that my favorite comedian was Growlcho Marx? Or last Christmas when I said "Fleas Navidad" to my Pee-Gee peeps?

Don't forget that Feb. 8 was Xante Day in Pittsburgh. We can celebrate that every year!

How we've wagged together!

Remember to support The Seeing Eye. Want to make a contribution to help my work? Send a check to The Seeing Eye Inc., 10 Washington Valley Road; Morristown, N.J. 07960. Tell 'em Xante sent chew! That way, they'll know I've been hard at work.

Oh, don't forget my friends at the Pee-Gee. They work with dogged determination, so pick up a paper and read the news. After all, they're really going to whimper behind the scenes when I'm gone!

So "When Will I See 'Chew' Again?" Doggone it, I don't know. It won't be like we can turn on Puppy Cam again and visit. Keep the tears from your eyes and remember I'll be using mine to help someone experience what it's like to be really free.


Xante's "tail" was told to his editor, Pete Zapadka, who can be reached at First Published June 21, 2011 11:00 AM


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