The readers have spoken: Doce is the winner for best tacos in Pittsburgh

The tortillas have been tallied and the toppings tabulated — Post-Gazette readers have spoken: Doce Taqueria on the South Side is their favorite taco stop in the City of Pittsburgh.

Based on 1,527 online respondents, Doce, the small Carson Street shop, was the runaway winner with 22 percent of the vote. Downtown’s Tako was second with 15 percent and Las Palmas Carniceria (three locations) was just behind with 14 percent.

Rounding out the rest: Smoke in Lawrenceville, 9 percent; Edgar’s Best Tacos in the Strip, 8 percent; Condado Tacos, Downtown, and Mad Mex (multiple locations), 7 percent; Bea Taco Town (two locations) 6 percent; La Palapa, South Side, 5 percent; Tres Rios, South Side, 4 percent; Round Corner Cantina, Lawrenceville, 3 percent; and El Milagro, Beechview, 1 percent.

Some readers questioned the omission of Emiliano’s on the South Side and El Burro on the North Side, but those are sibling establishments of Tres Rios on the South Side and the Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville, respectively, which were on our list.

Other readers wrote to demand we give Bakersfield on Penn Avenue, Downtown, a crack. Duly noted. We have and they’re pretty good.

Dan Gigler:


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