Food truck review: Foodoo

You can often find the Foodoo Truck outside the Voodoo Brewery in Homestead. The Meadville-based brewery created the truck and sometimes sends it to festivals and other events around Erie and Crawford County.

Clearly they can do more than brew good beer. The pulled pork nachos ($9) were fantastic, featuring a large portion of pork barbecue, fresh vegetables, bacon and Voodoo’s signature beer cheese made with Hail to Pitt IPA. I had never tasted beer cheese quite like it. With lots of tortilla chips, it’s a very filling meal.

Other menu options are the popular pub pretzels with beer cheese ($6), catfish tacos ($8), pierogies ($5) and their unique Polish burger ($10), which is topped with sauerkraut, a pierogi, kielbasa and more Hail to Pitt IPA beer cheese.

Kinda makes you want to swing through Homestead more often!


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