Food truck review: Burgh Bites

The day I visited the Burgh Bites food truck, I had only had a drink of water all day. So almost anything would have satisfied my anxious hunger. Happily, the Flyin’ Hawaiian Burger did much, much more.

An all-beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled pineapple and pepper chutney, ham off the bone, fresh greens and charred chili pepper on a grilled bun — delicious!

I was surprised the pineapple did not overwhelm the flavor. Instead, its sweetness nicely balanced the well-seasoned burger. Prices ranged from $1.50 to $10 for water, sodas, hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches. 

The gloved servers were not only clean but very personable and the cashier made everyone laugh as he called out the orders. Is there anything better than a good burger delivered with a smile?


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