Food truck review: BRGR

The BRGR food truck has many of the same gourmet burgers available at BRGR restaurants. I ordered the hand-crafted Average Joe burger, which was topped with lettuce, tomato, onions and provolone cheese (my choice).

Upon first bite, I quickly realized the taste matched the name — average. The ingredients were fresh but I was wishing for seasoning or something to make the burger different and original. However, it did the job of filling my average-sized stomach very well.

The service was definitely above average, with servers who were quick to meet my needs. They were very clean and wore gloves while handling the food. Even the cashier wore gloves, but made sure to take them off before handling money. I appreciated this very much.

Menu items ranged from $2 to $10, including sodas, shakes (spiked and regular), fries and other sides. For the Average Joe, that’s a pretty satisfying meal.


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