Food truck review: Leona's Ice Cream Sandwich

Since I’m not a huge fan of blueberries, I was a little nervous as I prepared to eat Leona’s Blueberry/Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich. But it was a great combination, like the rest. The blueberries were tart and sweet and a nice shade of purple, and the cinnamon cookies maintained their slightly chewy texture even frozen.

When I bit into Zeke’s Coffee/Chocolate Fudge, I wasn’t sure where the coffee was coming from: the crumbly, bitter, dark chocolate cookies or the ice cream, which turned out to be the source. The sweetness of the ice cream and the bitterness of the chocolate made this sandwich interesting and balanced.

The Strawberry Rhubarb/Shortbread was my favorite, with a layer of jam between the ice cream and shortbread cookie. It’s the perfect end to a summer night.

Despite their height, Leona’s sandwiches were easy to eat. $5 each, they aren’t cheap, but they’re more than big enough to satisfy and since they use lactose-free ice cream, everyone can enjoy them.


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