Burger King meshes Whopper and burrito for a Whopperrito

A new mashup has whopped its way onto the Burger King menu in Hermitage, and it seems to live up to the fast-food chain’s slogan, “take a break from boredom.”

During lunchtime on a recent weekday, a slew of customers came through the doors as usual at a Burger King in the test market city, but more than a few came to try out the Whopperrito.

It is literally a hybrid of the favorite classic Whopper and a burrito. The soft sesame seed bun is replaced with a flour tortilla and filled with the flame-grilled ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. The filling gets a good squirt of a zesty cheese sauce, instead of the usual melted American cheese, and mayonnaise.

For just more than $3, you can order just the Whopperrito or make it a meal with a side of fries and a drink for around $6 depending on which size you prefer. The medium comes to $5.98 and the large rings in at $6.76, taxes included.

I chose to get the meal, but I dug into the Whopperrito first before anything else.

In my first bite, I could instantly taste the signature flavors of a regular Whopper. I am not a big fan of red slices of tomatoes, aka mush in my opinion, and so I always order a burger without them. But with the Whopperrito, I accepted the challenge of eating tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t really taste them because the essence of the beef and the mini kick from the cheese sauce masked the tomato-y taste.

Then there were the pickles and onions, which added a lively flavor to the burrito, along with a fresh crunch.

Appearance-wise, the Whopperrito won’t win any beauty contest, but I can promise you that it stayed pieced together and intact, unlike a Whopper burger. Not to mention, my belly was completely satisfied as I left to drive back to Pittsburgh.

Greg Schell of New Wilmington, who ordered a Whopperrito for lunch, said he would recommend everyone to come and try it.

“Two thumbs up,” Mr. Schell said. “I was gonna let them [employees] know as I walked out the door. I was stuck between the new hot dogs and this, but I went with the Whopperrito. I highly recommend it.”

Despite his endorsement, I don’t think the Whopperrito will be as popular as the Whopper, but it’s sure to give the burger a run for its money.

Burger King’s corporate office did not return phone calls or respond to emails after numerous attempts to answer why Hermitage was chosen to be the test market or how well Whopperrito is doing there.

All the Burger King spokesperson said was what the chain has stated to other news outlets: “The Whopperrito is currently a regional product being sold by a franchisee on a local level. At this time there are no plans to introduce the Whopperrito nationally.”

Shea Beaumont: sbeaumont@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1632.


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