New noshes include matzo granola

Foodman's Original has three new flavors of Matzolah matzo granola: Maple Nut, Whole Wheat Maple Nut and Gluten Free Cranberry Orange. Sold in 10-ounce containers (about $6) at Also in the granola business is Manischewitz. Its Almond Pecan Granola is made with whole-grain matzos and sold in 10-ounce boxes ($4.99). There are Coconut Crisp Cookies in a 5.5-ounce package ($4.99). And this year's flavor of macaroons is Pistachio Orange in a 10-ounce container ($5.99). And if you don't have time to make chicken soup or are looking for a recipe ingredient, Manischewitz has a new kosher-for-Passover chicken broth that's made in small batches and is gluten-free and sold in 1-quart containers ($2.99).


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