Food Feedback: Looking back on the 'Year of the Pretzel Bun'

I read with great interest your article, Rebecca Sodergren ["2013: The Year of the Pretzel Bun" in Food & Flavor, Dec. 30]. My son, Jared Kelley, is a small businessman who has been working hard at a little restaurant in Oakland for the past four years. It is called The Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop and is located at 3531 Forbes Ave. in Pittsburgh. All of his sandwiches are made on pretzel buns. They are absolutely delicious. Of course, being his mother, many will say I am prejudiced, but they are really very good. If you are ever in that area you should stop in and give it a try. I know you will not be disappointed.


I have been making homemade pretzels from scratch for more than 35 years. Harrisburg has a historical city market where one of the vendors sells a pretzel that surrounds a breakfast sausage or Italian sausage. Think soft-pretzel stick that surrounds a sausage. As I told my wife after a third or fourth one: Great but dangerous.

If your food section ever has a feature that covers children making various food items for a party, I would suggest they make their own pretzels. It only requires a yeast dough that is shaped into pretzels, boiled in baking soda, and then baked in the oven (brushed with egg white if you want it to shine).

Tonight [New Year's Eve] I am either going to use my cocktail sausages and place them inside my pretzels, or just steam the sausage and dough. Have not made up my mind.

Thanks for the great article. I always stop on the South Side for pretzels when I am bicycling, as the mustard stains on my shirt can attest, and my wife detests.

TOM BATES, McCandless

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